Sunday, January 23, 2011

Locket #17

"School's out for summer, school's out forever" ~Alice Cooper

Awe, I love the smell of the ocean.  The weather in California has been amazing. After church today, my sister and I went for a drive down by the beach and had lunch. 

It ALWAYS brings back memories of that warm summer day...

I had just graduated from High School.  I was 17 and I had my whole life ahead of me.  I love the beach and I spent most of my time there that summer.

I have always felt God's presence at the beach and I think it IS one of His most BEAUTIFUL creations.  

My friends and I would hang out at the same place, in the same spot, every summer.  The Huntington Beach Pier was the place to be and all of the rockers would be there to pass out flyers for their upcoming gigs.  ;)

I awoke early that July morning and like any other summer day, I packed up my beach towel, radio, baby oil (haha), grabbed my beach chair and jumped into my red Corvette. 

When I arrived at the beach, I stepped out onto the sand and I sensed something different about this day.  It seemed quiet and peaceful or maybe it was just me, feeling the freedom of being out of school?!  

I put my hair up in a pony tail, took off my tank top and daisy dukes, laid back in my chair and turned the radio on.

I could feel the ocean breeze and hear the waves crashing upon the shore, as I dozed off...

Night Ranger ~ Sister Christian

STRANGER:  Hey, isn't your brother ____________ from the famous rock band?

I was startled as I opened my eyes... I saw this tall guy with long brown hair, wearing a white tank shirt and blue swim trunks, standing above me.  I put my hand in front of my eyes to block the sun's rays that was shining all around him.

ME:  I'm sorry, I was almost asleep.  What did you say?  I sat up in my chair.

STRANGER:  Hey, come check out this band at the Troubadour tonight.  He handed me the flyer.

I glanced at the flyer...

ME:  This looks like the same singer I saw in the band __________________ a few months ago?

STRANGER:  Yeah, yeah it is him... the two bands kinda joined forces and became one band, come check 'em out.

ME:  He's going to be famous.


ME:  The singer... 

STRANGER:  You think so?  

ME:  I know so!  I knew the first time I saw him at Madame Wong's.  I told all of my friends that night.  He is a very gifted singer, mesmerizing and he has an anointing upon him.

STRANGER:  Whoa, that's not something you hear everyday.  Maybe you'll be their good luck charm?  hahaha  So you'll be there tonight, then?   

ME:  Haha... Yes, sure I'll be there.  

STRANGER:  Cool C-ya.  

I put the flyer in my bag and headed down towards the water, as the stranger walked away.

The water was so refreshing.  I remember thinking that I could be anything I wanted to be and all of my dreams would come true... or would they???

As I got out of the water and started walking back up the beach, I noticed a box sitting on my beach towel and chair.

On the outside of the box it said... "#17 wait for the key"

I opened up the box to find a heart locket with a gold chain inside, along with a letter.


Sweet as sugar and spice and everything nice
Your life has just begun 
This is the locket taken from his right thigh
Tie it around your neck

Don't forget to smell the roses
For he is a performer and a king
You cannot open the locket and look inside
Or you will break the seal of destiny

Do not enter his courts
Until he has called you by name
For there is an appointed date in time
Remember, honor is above all fame

Mistakes will be made and heartache will come
As you grow weary and he exhausts every other key
Hold onto hope and always believe
For this promise is given, unto thee

Your test begins, this very day
So gain wisdom, strength and pray
For your faith is everything he needs
To unlock this "locket" full of dreams

It is entrusted unto you
But what good is it, without his key?
Hanging on the chain of his pocket
Is your heart, life and future... to be

I will appear to you, once again
On the day, he uses the "locket" key
For I am his Angel
The Stranger you met, at Sea

Until that day comes...


Locket #17

Tim McGraw ~ Forever Seventeen

"All those years around your eyes,
always take you by surprise
You've been living in a dream,
forever seventeen"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Heaven SWEET Heaven

Mötley Crüe... the band that will bring you to your knees!

Funny thing is, not only did they bring me to my knees back in the 1980's... But they've kept me there, ever since!  haha

Today marks the 30th year Anniversary for Mötley Crüe and a Day of Celebration, for all of their fans around the world.

Thank you for the LOVE, that you have blessed the world with, through your music and talents.

Also, a BIG thank you to all of the Pastors, Prophets, Friends, and Family members, that have continued to pray for them throughout the years.  

I do BELIEVE, that our prayers have helped keep them alive!  ;)

As time has passed, one thing IS apparent...

"You know I'm a Dreamer... but my hearts of Gold"

Mötley Crüe are Dreamers with BEAUTIFUL Hearts of GOLD!

Thank you, Heaven SWEET Heaven, for shining down upon 'The Saints of Los Angeles' and protecting them!

Happy Anniversary Nikki, Tommy, Vince, and Mick.


And On the 17th Day, GOD Created.................The Crüe

Motley Crue ~ Home Sweet Home

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