Monday, September 19, 2011

Sami the Fly

"who gives a F@#$ about her?"... x

What's the matter Sami?
Weren't you the one, that was having all the fun?
Spending your precious time, on my dime
Taking trips, being wined and dined

What happened to your crown, Sami?
You know... the one you stole
Do you not recall
The secret plot of lies, you told?

How many shots of J├Ąger does it take
To drink away your shame, Sami?
Take another look in the mirror
Is it hard to smile through the pain?

Oh Sami, didn't you know?
Aren't flies usually attracted to shit?
Now you're stricken with sickness, in the bed you tainted
Isn't it ironic, how fast things can shift?

Do you remember, when you used to laugh at me?
Yes, I'm the crazy one... the one that prays and believes
But your wings are transparent and boring, Sami
You bare the scars, you can't fool me

You're dying to get out and be the fly you used to be
But you can't escape the pit you're in 
Now the bottles your only friend
You're down to your last drop and your life is dim

Wake up Sami, a six pack is never enough
Some other "barfly" will come along, before too long
And you'll reap what you sow
Go ahead take that shot of gin, cuz it rhymes with your sin

Flies are nothing but a distraction and a curse
They are quite annoying, wouldn't you say, Sami?
I forgive you and I still pray for you, 
But most of all... I thank you

Oh Sami, now I'm the one that's laughing
I escaped the chrysalis
My wings are colorful, unique
And full of life

Now you live in torment
And I'm at peace
So have another drink on me, Sami
For I am finally... FREE

"don't worry i'll find you, cuz now you glow"... x

Guns N' Roses ~ Sorry

"Truth is the truth hurts
Don't you agree?
It's harder to live with the truth about you,
Then to live with the lies about me."