Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lost Love Letters

"i know that i ignored you, but i recorded everything you said"... x

It was several months ago late in the evening, when x and I returned home to his place.  I went to take a shower and he went into the living room to unwind. As I got out of the shower, I walked into the living room.  I could see the reflection of his face, from the fireplace that was burning.  He looked exhausted.  I walked over to the couch and sat down next to him.  I pulled the towel off of my head and asked him if he wanted something to eat?  He didn't answer me, so I just sat back and stared at the fire.

A few minutes later he said, "get before me."  I got up off of the couch and knelt down on the floor in front of him.  He pulled out an envelope from the bag that was next to him.  He opened up a letter, that contained a photograph inside.  The picture was a High School photo, from the Class of 1953.  He pointed to one of the men in the photo and asked me, "do you recognize him?"

I looked at the picture but I didn't know who he was?  He said the young man resembled my father (which I agreed), but it obviously wasn't my dad. It wasn't until x began reading the letter, sent from an old friend, of the man in the photo... that I finally realized who the man in the picture was.

"Where the word of a king is, there is power." ~King Solomon

The man who sent the letter, thanked x for sharing his gift of music.  And he also wanted to share a few things about his late friend, pictured in the photo. He told x about the good times, the bad times and the sad times, within this letter.  He also shared the qualities and characteristics of this man and the similarities, he recognized in x.

One thing he said that struck me deeply was, "It's not only about what we do with our love and our gift, while we're here on this earth... but the impact that our love and gift will have on millions of people, long after we're in Heaven."

As x continued reading the letter, he got choked up and paused for a moment. Once he continued reading, I began to cry...

The man explained how his friend often times felt lonely, even though millions of people admired him and loved him.  He wanted to give x hope, through the words of his old friend.  And he shared a letter from him and his friends favorite Bible verse, found in 1 Corinthians 13:1 or "The Love Chapter," as I call it.  ;)

He also wanted to give x a gift, like his friend would often do for others. The gift was a 1962 Ford Thunderbird.

He ended the letter with this, "Though I speak with tongues of men and angels, but have not love...  I am nothing."  We were both in tears after reading his letter.

I stood up to go get us some tissue and by that time x was hungry.  He wanted something quick and light to eat, so I went to the kitchen and grabbed us a bowl of Cap'n Crunch.

As I walked back into the living room, I noticed that he had poured out all of the letters from his bag, onto the floor. There were letters everywhere, from all around the world.

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue" ~King Solomon

We stayed up the rest of the night and into the early morning, reading the letters.  Some people shared pictures of their kids and families.  And many people shared how x's music had changed their lives.  Some letters made us laugh, some made us cry, some were filled with love, and some filled with hate.  I couldn't help but notice how his countenance would change, when he would read a hateful letter.  It hurt me so much, to see him get upset or hurt over what someone said.  It was like one hate letter would cancel out 100's of love letters.

It's amazing how powerful our words are and how they can affect someone, we don't even know.  We have the power to speak LIFE or DEATH into someone's life and into our own life, by what we say.  We can lift someone up or tear them down.  Our words create motion.  They can encourage and inspire someone to create or they can cause someone to lose hope and give up.    

After x had read several letters, I felt so much compassion for the people that sent them.  I also felt honored, that he shared them with me.  I loved hearing all of their stories and how so many of them felt connected to x, through his music.  Like I have said before... "Songs are like SECRET love letters to our soul."

These people were giving back to x, because he gave to them, through his music.  They just wanted to reach him, share with him, and touch him.  I thought, that they must be wondering if their letters were lost in the mail, if he ever received them, and/or hoping for a response from him?!

But how could one person respond to all of these letters?  If he responded to some and not to others, it wouldn't be fair.  And if there was no response, they would think that he didn't care.

I wanted to reach out to every single one of them and give them a sense of peace, by letting them know... that he is reading the letters, he does care, he is thankful, and he does appreciate them; very much.  You ARE reaching him and he IS touched by your words.


After x had finished reading 100's of love letters, he asked me, "do you honestly believe, that you could love someone, that you've never even met?" I said, "Well, I wouldn't love Jesus... if I didn't."  

Stunned by my response, he looked at me for a moment with a smirk on his face.  He then leaned over and whispered softly in my ear... "dove~love?" And I said, "Yes!"

"through your hands, the lyrics were downloaded from heaven"... x

Before I fell asleep, I prayed for all of the people who sent him the letters. I then began to think that sometimes our prayers feel like Lost Love Letters to Heaven.  We often wonder if God hears our prayers and if He'll ever answer them?  We want comfort and peace knowing that He is listening to us, but we also want a response back from Heaven.

What most people don't realize is that God IS not only answering our Love Letters but He's sending us letters, too.  He speaks to us in many different ways, through His word (a.k.a. His love letters to us, in the Bible), through other people, through music, and through our DREAMS.  But most people throw these love letters out like they are junk mail.  Never opening them up, reading them, or ever responding to them.

You SEE... our love, our prayers, our letters and our dreams, are never really lost.  But it is up to us to decide whether or not we are willing to give them and receive them.

I'll leave you with this story...

Elvis Presley wrote a Love Letter to God on a notepad from his Hilton Hotel suite in Las Vegas, on December 7, 1976.  It was his last performance in Las Vegas and just months prior to his death.  He then crumpled up the letter and threw it in the trash.  The next day, the maid found the letter and took it out of the trash.

A Love Letter to Heaven that might have been lost forever...

But it was retrieved and turned into a BEAUTIFUL song by Elvis' friend, Wayne Newton.

Wayne Newton ~ The Elvis Letter

"I feel so alone sometimes
the night is quiet for me
I would love to be able to sleep
I'm glad everyone is gone now
I will probably not rest tonight
I have no need for all of this
Help me Lord."