Friday, May 4, 2012

O Tel Aviv

From the hills of Tel Aviv
You can see the winding roads of the Holy City
Along the Mediterranean Sea
There is so much beauty in the scenery

The place where mysteries unfold
And the secrets of old are told
It's the closest to Heaven on Earth
You could ever be

The view is astonishing
The ocean breeze is therapeutic
A pure sense of serenity
And calmness in the air

In the city they call 'White'
It is quite exquisite
The weather is warm and soothing
And the wind feels like silk

The taste of Tel Aviv
Must be what 'Manna from Heaven,' tastes like
From the fresh bread and produce,
To the scent of the spices along the busy streets

A cafe's paradise
Amongst the sensuous sea
I thought I would grab a tea
Until someone gave me lemonade with mint leaves

A refreshing almost blissful drink
I walked along and admired the flowers in bloom
I could hear the laughter of the youth
So alive and full of life

I then went to the market place looking for a prayer Shawl
There is so much significance and sacredness
From the cloth, to the tassels,
Handmade in its artistic beauty

As I was shopping, I noticed the amazing jewelry
A few seconds later, a woman approached me...
She began sharing a story about the necklaces
Which were in the Hebrew alphabet

She said, "The couples wear the initial of their spouse
around their neck, close to their heart,
Never to depart.  Like we would wear a ring."
I picked up one of the necklaces, that resembled the letter 'X' in English

Then I asked her, if they wore the initial of the first or last name?
She said, "The first name... you're holding the letter 'A' in your hand."
I turned around to ask her a few more questions
but she had vanished before my eyes

I continued shopping, as the words of King Solomon recited in my mind
"Bind them continually around your heart, tie them around your neck."
I then came across an ancient looking treasure chest
With an inscription written on the outside

I opened it up and noticed a PRECIOUS stone inside
A beautiful greenish/blue stone that was supremely vibrant
It is known as the Eilat Stone or King Solomon's stone
Found in King Solomon's mines

As I held it in my hand, I could feel the temperature in my body change
It is said to be a HEALING stone for your broken heart
It heals all the pain, hurt, stress, fear, and loss you feel
It harmonizes your heart, mind, body and also promotes creativity

I felt a sense of peace inside, as I held onto this stone
It was then that a man walked up to me
And handed me a note that read...
"This is what the inscription says, on the outside of the treasure chest"...

I smiled and thanked him for the note
It was the famous words of King Solomon
Taken from the most beautiful love song ever written
'The Song of Songs.'

O Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Listen to the sounds in the street

As night fell upon the city
I could hear the musicians play
I went and listened to the prophetic sounds
And something so divine began to transpire

I could feel the presence of The King of Kings
All around and inside of me
I was in Awe and then my awe turned to shock
As I thought to myself, "How is this happening?"

The singer was singing in Hebrew but I could hear it in English
I had never experienced anything like this before
My spirit was actually translating his poetic voice
My eyes filled up with tears and chills went up and down my spine

His music, his eyes and his voice
Captured the voices of the Prophets of old
As the band paused for a moment,
He spoke these beautiful words...

"In your dreams
you can travel to distant places,
your spirit is there.
Music is the Essence, The Roots,
Ancient Voices, Mystery, Holiness.
There are no better songs or moving songs,
than The Psalms or The Song of Songs"

He then proceeded to play the song he wrote 'Mimaamakim,'
based on the words of King David in Psalm 130.

As I bowed my head and began to pray...

"Thank you Lord for Israeli
I Praise and Honor thee
I hope to one day be able to visit
The Holy Land and Tel Aviv
But I am so thankful,

My Spirit was sent
if only for one night...
in my dream."

O Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Listen to the sounds in the street

It is a gift from Heaven above
A MIRACLE taking place through music
The sound of LOVE, Devotion and Unity
It shall bring...

O Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Listen to the sounds in the street

Idan Raichel of Tel Aviv

The Idan Raichel Project ~ Mimaamakim (Out of the Depth)
Mimaamakim ~ Out of the Depth
From deep depths I called to you to come to me
with your return the light in my eyes will come back
it's not finished,
I am not leaving the touch of your hands
that it may come and light up and wake upon
hearing the sound of your laugh.
From deep depths I called to you to come to me
the moonlight I will again light your way to me
they're spread out and melted again
the touch of your hands
I whisper, ask in your ears:
Who is it that calls to you tonight - listen
who sings loudly to you - to your window
who put his soul so you'd be happy
who will put his hand and build you your home
who will give his life, put it underneath you
who will be like dust living at your feet
who will love you of all your lovers
who will save you from all evil spirits
from the deep depths.
From deep depths I called to you to come to me
the moonlight I will again light your way to me
they're spread out and melted again
the touch of your hands
I whisper, ask in your ears:
Who is it that calls to you tonight

For more info. click on the link below...

The Idan Raichel Project ~ Website


Rimly said...

Oh what a beautiful poem Lisa. Your spirit took you to a place you have not yet gone in your physical body. What a unique experience.

Deanna Samaan said...

I love the photos and poem. Very very nice!

Unknown said...

Grazi for sharing such a beautiful poem. Good to see the words to the vision earlier shared with me. God be with and bless... this is just lovely.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Lisa, you have absolutely floored me with your vivid imagery and spiritual connections in this poem/reflection. You awakened my soul and my senses.
And, I have a special connection to "My beloved is mine, and I am his" - brought tears to my eyes . . .
Bless you, my dear, bless you!

Leah Griffith said...

A transporting post carrying me to the far away shores of beautiful Tel Aviv.
The music was lovely too.

Melissa Tandoc said...

E' una cosa incredibile Lisa!

I have just been talking to my colleague about a dream pilgrimage to Holy Land. Oh How I wish!

You know I have that inscription in my diary but in Arabic.

I love the dream. Everything you had there was symbolic and meaningful. Even the poem drills something deep within me. The initials X and A gave me the shivers.

A really mystical post Lisa. Bellissima poesia.

Rachel Hoyt said...

I love your dreamy poetry. :) Great song too! Thanks for sharing.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Rimly Yes, it IS. I often say, "I've traveled the world in my dreams." haha Hopefully someday I'll be able to experience it in REAL time! ;)

@Deanna Bauer Thank you so much, for reading and commenting!

@Harmony Courtney Thank you for the beautiful compliment! God bless you too! ;)

@Martha J. M. Orlando Awe, thank you so much for the SWEET compliment. I'm glad that you have a special connection to "My Beloved..."! ;)

@Melissa WOW! YES, it IS very SYMBOLIC and meaningful. It gave me shivers too... something DEEP!!! ;) I'm not sure if they actually wear the initial of their spouse around their neck or not??? I tried to look online, but I didn't find anything?! I just LOVE that, though. It IS beautiful. As for the Eilat stone, I've seen a lot of the Israeli jewelry with the stone in it, it's STUNNING! I love that you have "My Beloved..." inscribed on your diary in Arabic! ;)

@Rachel Hoyt Awe, "my dreamy poetry"... I love it!!! haha Thank you so much for the comment. YES, his music is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

The Poet said...

My dear Lisa,
You write with such deep emotions. Very well done. The photos are also beautiful. Many thanks for sharing a piece of your heart and dreams with us.

jaice john j said...

Hai Lisa,
very nice poem...
those words brings our mind to a new wold:-)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Andy David Thank you for your KIND words. I appreciate you reading and commenting, also!

@jaice john j Thank you so much for the compliment! ;)

@Jerly Thank you so much!

Olga Levina said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful poetry! You really should visit Tel Aviv - I'm sure it won't dissapoint!

Greetings from the city of your dreams :)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Olga Levina Awe, I love that! Thank you so much! Greetings to you, too! I would LOVE to visit your BEAUTIFUL city!!! Hopefully, someday I will. ;)

bennjamin said...

Wonderful. The song too, and its words. Reminds me of how much those peoples in the Middle-East have to share - if they just would choose love in stead of fear and mistrust.

Adir said...

הו תל אביב תל אביב לשמוע את הקולות ברחוב

תודה זה יפה

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@jcm manuel: Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, the key IS love!!! ;)

@Adir WOW! Thank you for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it! I want to learn how to write in Hebrew someday. It IS beautiful.

Suzy said...

Loved your post. Tel Aviv is a city so want to visit. Your post took me there for a while. thanks for visiting my blog.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Suzy: Thank you so much!!! YES, me too! Hopefully someday we will have the opportunity to visit. ;)

Gillian said...

So much there.