Saturday, December 22, 2018

Above all names

"i see everything in your eyes"... x

Whenever someone hears his name they always ask me, "Where did his name come from?" or "Did you name him after Princess Diana's fiancé, Dodi El Fayed?

I then tell them about my dream...

An angel appeared to me in a dream and handed me a kitten.  He said, "his name is called Dodi."

When I awoke from this dream I wrote it down in my dream journal and then I looked up the meaning of the name Dodi.

Pronounced Dough-dee: which means, "well loved, precious gift."

Several months later I received this adorable kitten as a gift, therefore I named him Dodi.

Whenever Dodi looks up at me, I am reminded of the angel in my dream. Dodi's eyes are so heavenly and I am so thankful for this precious gift.  I also continue to share my story about him with others.

"i have a surprise for you"... x

A few weeks ago I was thinking about all the name changes in the Bible.  It fascinates me that Jesus changed people's names.  This shows me the importance of a name and the meaning behind it.  Our name is our identity and our identity is our purpose.

As I was pondering this I began thinking about all the people that are struggling in this world.  They are broken, bitter, depressed and lost.  Most of them don't know or don't understand the power of Jesus' name.  They don't know that His name is above any other name.  They don't realize that they can call upon His name and be healed and restored from anything that they are going through or struggling with.

I myself am going through a season of heartache.  My dad has cancer and I've been completely heartbroken.  I was telling x that it's so hard to watch him be in so much pain and become weaker and weaker.  X said, "if God could do it for Hezekiah then he can do it for your dad."

Those words pierced my heart and re-reading this story about Hesekiah in the Bible has given me so much hope.  I'm calling upon Jesus name to heal my father and I'm praying for a Christmas miracle. I'm also praying for all of those that are hurting during this season.

As we exchange gifts this Christmas, let us not forget about the most precious gift sent down from heaven above.

May we be reminded that we are well loved and may we never stop telling His story.

Merry Christmas!

CeeLo Green ~ Mary did you know