Wednesday, November 27, 2013

With all the trimmings

"in the middle of the night, your words inspire me"... x

It was about a month ago when I was awoken by my phone ringing at 5:00am.  Startled and half asleep, I answered it.

hey, are you awake?
No, well, yes... is everything alright?
can't sleep, insomnia is killin' me and these panic attacks.
Let me pray for you.
yeah sure, but I need you to come here.
Umm... OK
i just emailed you the itinerary.
Are you sure, you're alright?
yeah, i just... i just need you here, for a few days.

The following day I hopped on a plane.  I stared out the window most of the flight and prayed...

"Lord, please protect him and keep him safe.  Thank you for allowing me to be able to visit him.  Dear Lord, You told me to serve him, so show me how I may serve him best, while I'm there."

I arrived that afternoon.  It was my first time at his new place, since he had moved.  As I walked in, I was in awe of the beautiful view and all of the windows.  I walked around and admired the open space.  It was gorgeous.

I walked down the hall towards the bedrooms and went into his room. Suddenly, I felt the atmosphere shift and it felt a bit stuffy in there.  I glanced around and noticed boxes of things that hadn't been put away yet and there was stuff everywhere.  I then walked out and entered his home studio and I felt the same thing, something was amiss?

That's when I heard him scream my name, so I walked towards the sound of his voice and entered the living room.  I saw him on the floor curled up in the fetal position.  I ran over to him to see if he was alright and he said he'd been trying to sleep for days and his stomach was killing him.  I told him that I would make him some soup (to settle his stomach), and I grabbed all the Alka-Seltzer that was next to him.  "You can't drink this stuff like water, it isn't good for you." I said.

I headed towards the kitchen and started making some soup.  After he ate the soup, we chatted for a bit but I could tell that he didn't feel well.  I told him to lay down on the couch.  I then laid my right hand on his rib cage and I prayed over him.  Soon after he fell asleep.

It was quiet and no one else was there, so I went into the kitchen and grabbed some olive oil.  I walked around his place and anointed all the windows and doors and prayed in every room of his house.

A few hours had passed, when his assistant arrived.  I went to greet her and I made us some coffee.  We talked and laughed as we shared stories about the kids and the animals.  I then offered to help her clean out his bedroom and studio.  I told her that I didn't mind doing it and I knew she had more important things to take care of.  She agreed and said I could go ahead and clean out the two rooms.

I wanted to declutter his bedroom and studio because those are the two most CREATIVE rooms in his house.  His MUSIC and DREAMS are created there.

It took me hours but I washed, organized and straightened up everything. He slept the entire time and I was happy that he got the rest he needed.  It also gave me the opportunity to get everything done.

The next day he said he felt great.  It was pouring rain outside, so we decided to stay in all day.  I made his favorite pasta dish and chocolate chip cookies. We spent the entire day talking, eating, laughing and watching movies.

From my hands, to your feet, to the cage that protects your lungs and heart.

Later that evening we were having a deep conversation about music.  He was complaining about how the music nowadays is so saturated and it lacked passion and soul.  In the middle of our conversation, I heard a loud voice say, "Honor My prophet... wash his feet."

I jumped out of my skin at the sound of His voice.  I was completely shaken and caught off guard.  I had only heard the voice of God (audibly), twice in my ENTIRE life.

I can't explain it but it's like someone is speaking through a megaphone, inside the pit of your stomach.  And the sound is coming out of you, instead of going inside of you.

"are you okay?" he asked.  As I got up (halfway in a daze), and went into the kitchen.  I filled up a bowl with warm water, olive oil and rose petals.  I brought it back into the living room, knelt down on my knees and put a towel over my lap.  I then took off his slippers and placed his feet into the water.

He just looked at me.  He didn't have to say anything... his eyes said EVERYTHING.

I began to wash his feet, as he laid his head back and closed his eyes.

Led Zeppelin ~ Thank You
"Thanks to you it will be done,
for you to me are the only one" ~Led Zeppelin

Soon after his assistant walked in (with her friend), to let him know that she was leaving to go shopping and out to dinner.  He looked back to acknowledge her as she looked over at me, rolled her eyes and shook her head in disgust. And then she turned around and walked out.

I could instantly tell that he was pissed off.  But before he could say a word, I said, "Let not your heart be troubled, for they do not understand the significance of me washing your feet."  He let out a big sigh and then put his head back again and closed his eyes.  I finished washing and massaging his feet and then I removed them from the water and began to dry them.

"Let's sing some old Sunday school songs," I said.
He began to laugh and said, "what? why?"
It will be fun, besides it's good for our soul.
He jokingly starts singing...
"Jesus loves me this i know, for the bible tells me so."
I'm serious, come on.

He got up and headed over to the piano and sat down.  I followed him, as he began to play.  We started singing, 'Jesus loves me', 'This little light of mine', 'How great thou art' and some old hymns.  It was so beautiful.

He then stopped playing and said, "when i can't sleep in the middle of the night, your words inspire me.  but why haven't you written any blogs, lately?"

"I don't know?  I don't know what to say?  I'm tired of being put down and made fun of, I guess?

why, because they say you're a dreamer?  we're both dreamers so take it as a compliment.  and don't think that i don't notice the ones that are mean to you, because i do.  but I choose to pay more attention to the ones that are nice to you."

Yes, I know that you do.  I don't care if they call me a dreamer but why do they have to put me down and say that I'm old or that I have a horse face, etc.?"

"listen to me... you've always preached to me about not listening to my critics and not allowing them to stop me.  you need to do the same.

"You're right, it's just hurtful."

oh baby, don't let them hurt you.  look at me... i've never looked into the eyes of a horse and been able to decipher its age, nor deny its beauty."

"The humble in spirit will retain honor." ~King Solomon

My eyes began to well up with tears as he started playing and singing 'Hallelujah.'  This made me cry even more.  His version of the song is so powerful and chilling.  It is the BEST version I have ever heard and experiencing it IS a whole different story.  I pray that someday, the world will be able to hear and experience his version.

Once he finished 'Hallelujah,' he started playing a familiar song, that he's been working on for quite some time.  But this was the first time, I had ever heard any of the lyrics.  I could feel the Spirit of God in the room, as he sang and it literally brought me to my knees.

When he finished singing, I looked up at him and in a tearful voice I said, "When did you write the lyrics?"  "just now, they just came out so i just went with it... what do you think?" he replied.

"It's absolutely AMAZING!  It IS more than just a song... it's your Psalm."

He smiled and said, "well, perhaps i should write it down then before i forget?"  I stood up and ran to grab a notepad and pen, so he could write it down.

The following day, I started packing.  It always seems to get really awkward between us, when I'm about to leave?  He gets really quiet and stays busy. So, I tried to lighten up the mood a bit and yelled, "A Psalm a day for you and a Proverb a day for me... deal?"  "deal." he yelled back.

I went into the kitchen and hugged and thanked his assistant for her time and for taking care of him.  I then went back and continued packing as I overheard him scream, "whoa, come check out the sky."  I walked out of the bedroom and walked over to the window.

The entire sky looked like a rainbow.  It was breathtaking.  I placed my hand on the glass window and silently whispered, "Thank you, Jesus."

He came up behind me and whispered in my ear, "thank you for coming here."  I turned around and said, "Thank you, for inviting me."  "oh and by the way, thanks for throwing out all of my stuff," he said, jokingly.  "I didn't throw anything out, I was just making room for your blessings." hehe

He laughed and mentioned something about Halloween.  And I said, "Well, this place can have you for Halloween and Thanksgiving, as long as you're HOME for Christmas and New Years."  "you really don't like that i'm here, do you?"

Well, I'll be honest, I hate that you moved here but I respect and honor your decisions.  I understand why you need to be here, for a season.  And I'm not questioning you or God... well maybe I am, just a little?!" hehe

He laughed and squeezed me tight.

"The circumstances may change but the love remains." I said.

"Until the end of time." he replied.

"something magical always takes place when you're around"... x

As I was on the plane heading back home, I began to think about how often times we will feed our mind and body, but we neglect to feed our soul.  I believe, the best way to feed our soul IS through music.  By humbling ourselves before the King and worshipping and praising Him.

Today, many people seem to have a sense of entitlement and pride.  They won't humble themselves towards one another, nor will they humble themselves before God.  We forget to be thankful for what we have and what we've been given.  Whether it be our gifts and talents, our jobs, or our loved ones.

You SEE, often times we tend to become familiar with each other and we start to feel contempt towards one another.  We no longer HONOR the ones that we are close to and we stop treating them as the TREASURE they are.

Think about it for a moment.  How did you treat your significant other when you first started dating them?  How did you treat your boss, when he/she first hired you?

Jesus gave us an example of what true humbleness and love looks like.  He took the lowliest position as a servant (at the last supper), and washed His disciples feet.

Peter was uncomfortable with Jesus washing his feet but Jesus said, "If I do not wash you, then you have no part with Me."  Peter then responded by saying, "Lord, not my feet only but also my hands and head."

Jesus was teaching us that a master isn't better than a servant and vise versa. He was also showing all of us, the importance of humility in love.

So, let me ask you...

Whom are you willing to be a part of?

Bon Jovi ~ Hallelujah

"Remember when I moved in you,
and the Holy dove was moving too,
and every breath we drew was,