Thursday, March 21, 2013

Letters in the Sand

"I have come that they may have life,
and that they have it more abundantly" ~Jesus

To protect the privacy of others, names have been changed.

I was standing on the beach looking up at the sky, when I saw a horse and chariot going around in a circle.  An Angel was leading the horses and he was holding a balloon in his hand.  He released the balloon and instead of it going up, the balloon started coming down, towards me.  When it got close enough, I grabbed ahold of the string and pulled it down.

I noticed, that it had a shark on it and it said, "Happy Birthday" along with a three digit number.  I turned around and took it over to the beach chair (that Danny was sitting on), and I tied it to the chair.  I then walked over to a table, to cut him a piece of cake.  I walked back over to him and handed him the cake, and said, "Happy Birthday."

I was wearing a necklace, that had a bottle with sand in it.  I noticed there were light blue crystals that were sparkling, inside.  I opened up the bottle and smelled it.  The scent was so fresh and clean.  I took the necklace off and placed it around Danny's neck and said, "Look, God purified the sand... smell the beautiful scent."  He smelled it and then started telling a joke about cocaine.  We both started laughing.  Then he looked up at me, as he drew a line in the sand.

I awoke from this dream at 5:00am and it was pouring rain outside.  I started to pray for Danny.  I knew, that I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep, so I got up and made some coffee.  I sat down at my kitchen table and started writing the dream down, in my Dream Journal.

This had been the fifth dream, that I had of him, in the past few weeks.  I knew God was trying to get my attention, but I sensed in my Spirit, that I was missing the message?  I began to look at the dream again and try to piece it together.

I knew that the Chariot represented some sort of battle, but there was an Angel steering it, so that was a good thing.  The chariot was going around in a circle, which a circle represents eternity.  A shark represents a hidden danger and a balloon is something that pops.  But, it also said "Happy Birthday" on the balloon along with the three digit number.  I knew the symbolic meaning of the numbers, which was a good sign, also.  A cake always represents a celebration and a birthday represents life.  Me removing the necklace and placing it around his neck, represented me removing something (maybe pride or fear), and speaking into his heart.  The sand represents seed and to purify something means to cleanse it, of all guilt and shame.  Some of the sand was light blue and that color represents the Holy Spirit.  I wasn't really sure about Danny drawing a line in the sand, but it was after he had been telling me, the joke about the cocaine?

Later that afternoon, I got online and looked up Danny's website.  There had been no activity on it for weeks.  I continued to pray for him and I asked God for more revelation.  After I was done praying, I felt like God wanted me to reach out to him and help him?  I said, "What?  I don't know him... how am I supposed to help him?  What if he thinks I'm crazy or thinks I'm a stalker?" 

"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy" ~Jesus

That same night, I had another dream about Danny.  Although, this dream was much different?  It was dark, it was eerie, and it was downright scary.

I was in Danny's house and he was sitting on his bed.  I walked up behind him and I noticed, that he had a rope in his hand.  I looked at his bed and saw ropes and belts, that were all in the shape of a noose.  I said,  "What are you doing?"  "I'm going to kill myself," he replied.  "What?", I said... as I began to plead with him and tried to encourage him.  He stood up and started cussing and breaking things, in his room.  I just stood there and silently prayed, until he finally calmed down.  He then walked over to me (lifted his hand to his head, in the shape of a gun), got in my face and said, "Are you gonna stop me?"

I awoke from this dream and I was shaken.  I began to pray for Danny and it was at that point, that I knew that I needed to make a decision.  I could either BELIEVE what God was showing me and try to contact him, or I could allow my foolish pride to take over (and possibly regret it), and do nothing?

I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me and help me, write the email to Danny. I kept the email light and positive.  I told him about the "Birthday" dream I had (I didn't mention the other dreams), and I told him, that I was praying for him.  I wasn't sure, if he would ever receive the message, nor did I expect a response.  But I felt like, I had to do something?  I asked God to please let me know, that he was alright.  Even if he just updated his status or posted something on his website.

At that time, I was a personal assistant for a Prophet, and later that afternoon we were in a meeting.  After our meeting, I asked him if he would pray for Danny.  He didn't know who Danny was, nor did I share my dreams with him.

As he was praying, he abruptly stopped and said, "I just saw a vision of the grim reaper standing over him... death is knocking on his door."  He immediately began to pray and bind the devil, in the name of Jesus.  He asked that God would loose him, from whatever bondage was holding him and that he wouldn't believe the lies of the enemy, etc.  I knew at that moment, that God was confirming to me, what I had seen in my dream.

As I returned home, I checked my messages and there wasn't anything from Danny.  I then went to his website and noticed that he had just updated his status, an hour earlier.  I felt a sense of relief come over me and I thanked God, that he was alright.

"For they shall partake of the abundance of the seas
and of the treasure hidden in the sand."

The following morning, I logged onto my computer and there was a message from Danny.  He told me, that he didn't believe in God, but thanked me for the message, nonetheless.  He also had a question for me.  He wanted to know, if I knew what the significance of the three digit number (that was on the balloon in my dream), meant?  This opened up a dialogue between us. ;)

I shared the Biblical significance of the number with him and then he responded, by saying, "Call me," and he left his phone number.  I prayed real quick and then I picked up the phone and called him.  He told me, that this number was his "lucky" number.  That he had seen it for years (including in his dreams), and that he had used the number often, for personal stuff such as passwords, etc.

He also told me, that he had recently went to see a Psychic, to ask what the number represented.  Not only did she link the number to something that happened in his past, but she completely changed the number and told him it was actually a DIFFERENT number, altogether?  I knew this was false, because God revealed the ORIGINAL number to me, in my dream.  We ended up talking for over three hours on the phone.  As, we were hanging up, he said, "This is crazy, I've never opened up to someone this easily... I feel like I've known you forever."

After our conversation on the phone, I thought to myself, that Danny didn't seem depressed at all?  He was very funny and seemed happy?  The next few days, he emailed me periodically and would text me on occasion.  I prayed and asked The Holy Spirit to speak through me, because God knows his heart and knew what he needed to hear.

A few weeks had passed (that we had been talking), when I received a text message from Danny, that read, "I want to meet you... along with the three digit number."  I sent him a text back.  I told him, that I would be in Beverly Hills the following morning, for a life coaching session with the Prophet.  I asked him, if he wanted to meet both of us for lunch?  To my surprise he said, yes.

I went to the store that day and bought him a Bible and an uplifting CD.  Two of the most POWERFUL gifts, you can ever give someone (the word of God and music), to heal their SOUL.

"He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone." ~Jesus

The following day, the three of us met for lunch.  It was a beautiful sunny day out.  Danny shared his experiences, of what is was like to be a famous Rock Star and he told us a lot of funny stories.  We sat outside of this cafe and talked and laughed, for hours.

After we were done eating, the conversation became more serious.  Danny explained, that he was going through a divorce, that his relationship with his kids was strained, that he moved to LA, and his family lived in another state. He told us that he was clean and sober but he blamed his past addictions (of drugs and alcohol), on his fame.  He was at a point where he wanted to give up on music, altogether.  He felt the lifestyle had cost him everything.  He was struggling with some other personal issues, too, that left him feeling guilty. And he was mad at God, because of all of his loss and pain. 

The Prophet spoke LIFE into him and encouraged him. He told him, that God had a PURPOSE for his life and that his musical talent, is a gift from God. He told him, that Jesus came to GIVE to him and not to take from him.  And he told him not to get stuck in his past failures or beat himself up, over the mistakes he's made.  Danny was listening and asking a lot of questions.  It was an AMAZING lunch, and I was so thankful.

As we were getting ready to leave the Prophet said, "You know, Lisa Marie really cares about you.  She loves you... just like Jesus does."

And I will never forget his response... "I know she does... it's all new to me... I've never had anyone care for me, without wanting something from me."  He then put his head down and continued, "To be quite honest... if she hadn't contacted me, when she did... I wouldn't be here, to celebrate my Birthday next week... I was ready to check out."

There was complete silence for a moment and all three of us, had tears in our eyes.  Danny reached over, held my hand and kissed me on the cheek. The Prophet asked him, if he could pray for him and Danny said, yes.

Throughout the following years, Danny and I talked often.  I would text him scriptures and encourage him through the hard times.  He would also call me and ask me to pray for him, before he went on stage, or sometimes just to vent his frustration and anger.  hehe

Today, he is ALIVE and happy.  He is engaged to a beautiful woman and his relationship with his kids, is stronger than ever.  He is also, still using his gift of music, that God has blessed him with.

I am truly honored, that I was given the opportunity, to get to know Danny's BEAUTIFUL heart.  I will always remember, how God used a DREAM to bring our friendship together.

"I am the resurrection and the life." ~Jesus

Now, I'm not saying that all dreams are from God, because obviously they're not. But I have been able to discern which ones are.  One way is through the revelation of His word, the other is through the vibrant colors and oversized scenery, kind of like you've just entered "Alice in Wonderland."  haha  And the third way, is through a series of dreams and confirmations.  "By the mouth of two or three witnesses, the matter shall be established."  The latter, was the case with the dreams, that I had of Danny and the confirmations I received, through him and the Prophet.

You SEE, we never really know where someone is at, in their life.  It may seem like they're happy, but they could possibly be on the brink of giving up.  Satan will always try to keep someone stuck in their past and remind them of their failures.  He wants them to feel trapped, so they can't see any way out.  He knows, if they don't have a VISION, they will perish.

Jesus on the other hand, LOVES us!  He came to give us a FUTURE and a HOPE.  He wants to bring healing and restoration to our lives, and cleanse and purify the sand.  Therefore, He will reveal the TREASURE hidden in the sand (i.e., inside of you).

God will also use us to SPEAK into someone's heart, by planting seeds of faith, hope, and LOVE.  Because sometimes the only Jesus, someone may ever be able to see, IS inside of you.  But we need to be willing, to walk out our faith and use our VOICE (whether it be through words, poetry, or music), and bless others with the GIFT, that He has blessed us with.  As a result, we too, will be able to SEE and smell the fresh scent, and CELEBRATE the beauty of life.

FAITH waits, trusts, acts, believes and stands.

Always remember this...   

Jesus IS the way, and the truth, and the LIFE.

Skid Row ~ I remember you

"Paint a picture of the days gone by,
When love went blind and you would make me see,
I'd stare a lifetime into your eyes,
So that I knew that you were there for me,
Time after time you were there for me"



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bennjamin said...

I remember this dream - from Myspace I think. Dreams are very personal, and meanings of figures may be archetypes in some Jungian interpretation. You of course try to interpret them in the most meaningful way. Maybe some interpretations are not exactly matching what your mind was 'processing' when you were dreaming it, but often you will get close to it. Maybe the circle does not (or not only) represent eternity, but the dynamics of life, seemingly endless and repetitive, but in reality: refining the experience of life at every round. Who will tell?

And maybe the sand does not (or not only) represent seed, but earth itself (which is full of seeds and life power anyway), and earth is the place where the purifying must happen - not somewhere else, outside (so removing oneself from this earth - as Danny obviously had in mind - would not do the purification), but by letting the earth (or: god inside those who walk on his earth, if you like) do the purification. Jesus too was taking nature, earth, as the starting point of most of his parables - even for miracle healing he put some earth mixed with water upon someone's eyes for instance. The Heavenly man was deeply connected to his world - because that's where the people lived, every human being, the subjects of his humane, sincere love and compassion.

The outcome is the same of course: the dream did 'energize' you in one way or another.

The magic number is a token, a promise maybe, a key or secret code to unlock something, maybe unlock heart and mind.

This is a good dream. Maybe the 'light blue' inside the sand could also be Farfalla-wing-stuff, sparkling of life. Who will tell? To many people, one sparkle of life coming into their lives did lit up their entire life - they just needed this one sparkle in order to get some hope, and then more hope, then imbuing their lives with hope, all because of this one magic sparkling moment.

Thanks for the writing. I cannot 'believe' the way you do, but I think I am hoping in much the same way you do. It's something deep inside, not conveyed with words but with ideas and dreams.

Take care, Lisa. You are brilliant in the way you turn life's darker and sorrowful places into something hopeful, but if ever you feel like failing, or if you simply want someone to talk to, about anything, you know where to find me. I, too, have to call to order many of my memories, not letting them destroy me but rather have them inform me, show me the way back to the sands and watch closely, until I can see the sparkling, right there.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Anonymous: Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment. I truly appreciate it!!!

@jcm manuel: WOW!!! I love, love, love, your insight and interpretations! Yes, God also took the dust of the earth to create us and breathe LIFE into us. Jesus would also speak in parables about, sowing and reaping and us having faith as a mustard seed.

I agree the number was definitely UNLOCKING something. It was the KEY, that sparked I and Danny's conversation and eventually our friendship.

I love what you said about the "light blue sparkle" sand, kind of like my very own, "Farfalla Fairy Dust." hehe

Thank you so much, for the HUGE compliment. Sometimes, I get worried, that I may be going too DEEP and some people won't understand? But I love that you can interpret it, in your own way and the outcome is the same... FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.

As Jesus said, "LOVE one another, as I have loved you"

Thank you always, for your friendship. ;)

bennjamin said...

It is always "too deep", because it is something very personal and emotional. But with some effort and time (and we don't always have time, unfortunately), it is always intriguing to get a view into this odd and often completely outlandish mindscape of someone else. But there is so much fun in it, too. I mean, this particular kind of fun that feels like love.

Have a nice day, Lisa.

Anonymous said...

I don't got none.


Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@jcm manuel: Awe, thank you again and again!

@-S-: hmm... I believe you have a little mustard seed, buried somewhere? ;)

Anonymous said...

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Rigzin Namgyal said...

..wonderful post..God loves us..and he always wants to see us happy..all our past failures..are past us..
..we shud nt be stuck in the past..
..God conveying msg in our dreams..three digit number..and their interpretation..loved that..
..thanks fr sharing such a wonderful past..
..n please keep writing.. :)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@rigzin: AMEN and AMEN!!! Yes, He loves us so much! Thank you for your SWEET comment. I truly appreciate it. ;)

Anonymous said...

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Melissa Tandoc said...

I always always welcome your words, your dreams and your experiences Lisa. And I have always seen you as mystical and truly loving God through your ministry.

I was struck by how God has made you an instrument for bringing the Good News to Danny and how much he is loved.

Much of our past lives do torment us and it is necessary that we hear messages of hope and love from someone who truly cares.

The Bible and the CD are great gifts as you said.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Lots of love!

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Anonymous: Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

@Melissa: AMEN! Thank you, for the SWEET compliment and for sharing my blog. Lots of love, back to you!!! ;)

Unknown said...


Finally... I have an opportunity to comment here, and not just via e-mail. lol
It seems to me, based on the first dream and second which you mention here that God is purifying his heart, indeed. A psychic visitation is something OPPOSITE of one from God; that he sought out a psychic meant he was looking for REVELATION, but he was just looking in the wrong place. The enemy of our souls has counterfeits for just about everything that God provides for us, and this is certainly no exception. that there was the "joke" about cocaine that you both laughed at is interesting given the deathly tone of other dreams he was part of, given that drugs can kill, just as the enemy kills, and they are among his tools.

As I said privately, I am so glad you and your mentor were there for him, and that things have begun to look up for him. He is turning things around, and I pray for him much. I pray that this time, things will work out, and I KNOW God is changing and touching his life in ways that are unseen to the world just yet!

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@HarmonyCourtney: Thank you for your interpretation and comment. I truly appreciate it!!!

I agree that a psychic visitation is him looking for answers, just looking in the wrong place. I also agree about the cocaine, especially since it is something that he struggled with and caused him much pain and sorrow. I can't control my dreams but looking back, I believe that I was just given insight into his personality. As I would find out later, once I met him. He is always telling jokes and making light of serious things. It is a part of who he is and his character. He is very funny and always making others laugh. ;)

Unknown said...

Indeed. And insight is sometimes the piece we most need before an encounter with someone. I can see that in his personality, from what I've gathered... :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Restoring said...

Thanks for sharing your testimony
Truly, Jesus came to give us life, more abundantly