Monday, June 27, 2011


Your hair is made out of feathers from heaven.

Every time I see feathers suddenly appear, it reminds me that my Angel is nearby protecting me.  I have seen several different types of Angels, but one in particular that has always been with me.  I think most people believe that they have a Guardian Angel... but I wonder if they would respond differently, if they could actually SEE their Angel? 

I often joke with my friends and family and say, "There is only ONE man that walked this earth, that is as beautiful as my Angel."  I always wished that I could take a picture of him, to show the world.  He has dark hair, the prettiest blue eyes that sparkle like diamonds, high cheek bones, and the most beautiful lips and smile, you've ever seen.  His voice is deep but soft and he is all around beautiful.

There is so much that I'm still learning about Angels and how things work in the heavenlies.  And once I think I have something figured out, God surprises me. haha  He never ceases to AMAZE me!

"He will cover you with His feathers. He will shelter you with His wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection." ~King David

It was a few weeks ago in the middle of the night... I grabbed his pillow and went searching in the heavenlies for my Angel.  I was running out of patience and wanted some answers.

As I was searching in the heavenlies, I ran into a woman who asked me, "Are you looking for my son?"  I responded, "Yes, will you please tell me where to find him?"  but she had vanished right before my eyes.  I don't know how I knew this woman was his mother, but somehow I did.  I searched all over and couldn't find him anywhere, until I finally saw him through this one gate.

He was sitting on what appeared to be a tall white bar stool, watching something on an oversized television screen.  He had the biggest grin on his face and not a care in the world.  I walked up to the gate but the guard stopped me and said, "I'm sorry, I can't allow you inside the gate."  I then began jumping up, waving my arms and screaming my Angel's name (that somehow I knew, once I was there).

"Francis, Francis, FRANK... where have you been?"  I finally got his attention and he smiled and waved for the guard to let me in.  I ran up to him and before I could say anything, he said, "You should hear this, he's amazing."  I glanced up at the big screen and it was just white.  I couldn't hear or see anything?

As I turned back around, the guard grabbed the pillow out of my arms and started going up a ladder.  Francis said, "Hey, where are you going with that?"  The guard replied, "I'm putting it back, you know she's not allowed to bring it in here."  Francis said, "Bring it here real quick, so she can put presents in it for him and bring my wife's pillow, also."

The guard reluctantly brought the pillows back and said, "As you say, but please hurry it up."  I glanced at his wife's pillow and noticed her name on it, but I didn't think anything of it, at the time.

We began stuffing white feathers that shimmered like Christmas decorations, inside the pillows.  We then handed the pillows back to the guard and the guard took them back up the ladder.

Francis:  What are you doing here?  What are looking for, darling?

Me:  I've been looking for you!  Where have you been?  I need your help... What's going on???

Francis:  I can't do anything for you honey... I'm not your Angel.

Me:  What, what do you mean you're not my Angel???  I've always seen you, everywhere.  What about the night he was performing and they couldn't get his mic to work?  I saw you there in the crowd... you slightly lowered your sunglasses (so I could see your eyes), and you winked at me and then his mic began to work.  And what about the time we were putting the jewels and crosses in baggies and we put them in his suitcase, before he left on tour... or the time that all the paparazzi and fans were going crazy and we were nervous, you gave me the "thumbs up" sign and I whispered in his ear, "It's ok, my Angel is here." 

Francis:  Yes, I was there.  That was me, but I'm not your Angel honey... I'm his.  I was appointed his Angel when he was a teenager.

Me:  What???  So are you telling me that you've only appeared to me, when he's been there with me?

Francis:  Yes, think back to every time you've seen me... he was there.

Me:  Well, what about the time you placed your robe and scepter in his closet, he wasn't there and you were?

Francis:  That was my robe and cane, but that wasn't me, that was your Angel that placed it there.  Remember you were wondering why the t-shirt I had on was a size small, that's because your Angel is smaller than me...

Sweetheart, you asked God to give him an Angel just like yours and He answered your prayer.  I am the Angel that you've been praying for (all these years), to protect him.

I began to cry...

Me:  Francis, I'm so happy and thankful that you're his Angel.  I could never wish or pray for a better Angel than you, to protect him.  But I still want you to be mine, too.  I know you, I feel safe when you're around, you're nice but you're also a fighter... and you know everything about me.

Francis:  Listen, honey... Listen to me... Remember the time you were at Starbucks and you heard that song and you ran out crying, before you had ordered your coffee?  I shook my head yes, as he began singing the song...

Maybe I didn't treat you
 quite as good as I should have
Maybe I didn't love you 
quite as often as I could have...

He continued...

That was me singing that song, but it was your Angel that was there comforting you, as you cried.  He has been with you since you were born, he has never left your side.  He and I are the same!  Seven months from now, it will be 77 years ago that Tobias and I were born on earth.

Me:  What?  What do you mean, you're the same and you both lived on earth???

Francis:  No darling, I lived on earth but he lived up here in heaven.  The world never had a chance to meet him.  He was born 35 minutes before I was, he was stillborn.  We are identical twins, that's why you thought I was him.

My head was spinning...  I was crying, as I began thinking back, to all of the times that I had seen him/them... I couldn't believe that I didn't recognize him... Suddenly everything started to fall into place...

Me:  His hair is lighter, right?  

Francis:  Yes, and his middle name is Garon and mine is Aaron.

Me:  And your mother, I met her earlier... is she Gladys Love?  And the name on your wife's pillow... it said, "Cilla."

Francis:  Yes, sweetheart.  It's me...

You need to go now, honey.  I have to get back to him.  He then repeated what he had said, when I first walked in the gate... "You should hear this, he's amazing."

Suddenly, I could hear the sound of his voice and the piano... 

Me:  Francis... wait, what do I do now?  

Francis:  Take "The Pledge"... tell him and everyone about our meeting tonight.  Tell them that Jesus loves them and that love is the ONLY thing, that matters on earth.  Oh and one more thing... tell him I said, "I'd be honored!"

Me:  Honored? 

Francis:  Yes, he'll know!  Now go... "softly."

As I returned from the heavenlies... 

I saw a light coming in from outside shining down on his piano. I walked over to the piano and noticed a single white feather lying on the keys.  I was awestruck!

I then walked to his bedroom, opened the door and found him asleep, with his head lying upon his heavenly pillow.  I "softly" whispered in his ear...

"I'd be honored."

Well, I was right about one thing...
There is only ONE man that walked this earth, 
that is as beautiful as my Angel, but there are TWO of them in heaven.  ;)

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah...

The Pledge
Poem by Elvis Presley

It's just this simple "word" you see
To get inside you need no key
For we who know, know it well
And you who don't, can never tell

As I place my hand upon your heart
And you place yours on mine
From this day forward, our minds,
our souls, our hearts, will intertwine

If either one should have a doubt
Now is the time to break out
For this pledge together us will tie
Even if one of us should die

What we share in confidence now
Even in this, cannot part
For it comes from the mind
But from the heart

You just hold my words true
For where I go, you'll be there too
I know your inner self, and you know mine
Honor and keep it for all time

And when I am gone
Every now and then
Think of this pledge
For I love you, my friend

You can confess to me
and touch my heart
And I'll know it's you, by the "word"
Even in the dark

Maybe NO impersonators...
but there are definitely TWINS in heaven.  hehe

For you Cilla...

Elvis Aaron Presley ~ January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977
Jesse Garon Presley ~ January 8, 1935 in heaven

Francis - Free in the Kingdom
Tobias - God is Good

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don't Cry Daddy

"I think I dreamed you into life"... Savage Garden

It was picture day at school and he wore his favorite blue sweater.  He was so excited that his hair was growing long, like his daddy's.  As his mother dropped him off that morning, he kissed her and jumped out of the car.  She watched him walk away as he turned back and glanced at her.

Time froze for a moment as she captured the picture of his beautiful face. She waved good-bye and drove away.  As she was driving, she began to thank God for her son.  She asked Him to send thousands of angels to surround him and protect him.

Later on that afternoon she picked him up from school and his countenance had changed.  He seemed sad about something.  She asked him how school was and he just responded, "fine."  Sensing something was wrong, she said, "Honey, how about we go down to the beach and get an ice cream cone?" "Sure," he replied softly.

She decided to give him some time to unwind as she turned the radio on. "Hey sweetie, did you know that your mama dreamt about you before you were born?  That's why I love this song."

She began to sing as she pointed to him.  He finally cracked a smile and started to sing along...

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
 I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life...

They arrived at the beach, grabbed an ice cream cone and started walking down the boardwalk.  That's when he finally began to open up.  "Mama, does daddy cry because of the things people say about him?" he said. "Oh honey, did someone say something to you at school?" she asked.

He nodded his head yes as tears rolled down his sweet cheeks.  She bent down wiped his tears and said... "Baby, don't cry.  When things upset you or people hurt you, you just call upon Jesus.  He will always bless you, guide you and deliver you...

Do you remember the story you learned in Sunday school about Peter and the disciples that were in the boat?"  "I remember mommy," he replied. Remember they got scared because they thought they saw a ghost... But Peter called out to Jesus and he walked on water.  Peter wasn't perfect but he had faith and courage enough to get out of the boat and he was the only one who walked on water.  "Yeah and Jesus called Peter the rock because he rocks like daddy."

Haha! Yes, well something like that... but Jesus loves us all the same, even those that don't know Him or say mean things about Him.  So you love those kids too because they don't know your daddy either, ok?  And your daddy loves you more than anything in this whole world.  You're his rainbow.

"Ok mommy... when I grow up, I wanna rock for Jesus like daddy and Peter but I wanna play guitar instead."  You can play whatever you want sweetie, music always makes everything better...

Now let's go write your name in the sand and thank Jesus for giving you such a cool daddy."

The world is crying out for the Manifestations of the sons of God.

May we PRAISE and HONOR our Father in Heaven and those upon this earth.

Those that were before us and for those yet to come.

For the sons of today, will be the fathers of tomorrow...


...and the Rock Stars of tomorrow.  ;)

May we clothe ALL of them in Honor and Majesty.

Happy Father's Day!

Elvis and Lisa Marie Presley ~ Don't Cry Daddy

*Elvis Presley quoted parts of these lyrics, several times during his concerts.

You'll find many just like me
along this city street.
Shoulders stooped, heads bowed low,
eyes staring in defeat.
For those who live within the past,
for sorrow plays all parts,
for death is all they have left,
these men with broken hearts.

You have no right to be the judge,
to criticize or condemn.
Just think but for the Grace of God
it would be you instead of him.
A careless step or thoughtless deed
and then the misery starts.
For those who weep, death comes cheap
these men with broken hearts.

Humble you should be
when they come passing by
For it's written that the greatest men
are never to big to cry.
Some lose faith in love and life
when sorrow shoots her darts,
With all hope gone, they walk alone,
these men with broken hearts.

You never walked in that man's shoes
or seen things through his eyes,
or stood there with helpless hands
while the heart inside him dies.
Some are paupers, some are kings,
some are masters of the arts,
in all their shame, they're all the same,
these men with broken hearts.

Life (women) sometimes can be so cruel,
that a heart will pray for death.
God, why must these living dead
feel pain with every breath?
So help your brother along the road,
no matter where he starts.
For the God that made you, made them too,
These men with broken hearts.