Friday, December 31, 2010

Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees... and Sore Knees?


My knees hurt, my eyes are burning, and my heart is burdened.  Sad but when I reflect back on 2010 this is what I see.

I think I've spent more time on my knees praying this past year, then I have at any other time in my life.  

It has been a tough year for many people.  It was a year of loss for a lot of us... Loss of relationships, loss of jobs, loss of homes, etc.  I myself went through some things this past year that really shook my faith.  But I am thankful that I know WHO to turn to, (when things are good or not so good) and pray for those in need.

I think we all tend to become comfortable with what we have or where we're at in life.  Change is scary for a lot of us and when everything starts changing around us, we tend to feel a lack of security.

I often tell people... "Sometimes God needs to subtract, in order to multiply." Subtraction hurts, it's a tearing apart or loss.  It causes us to feel unstable and lonely.

So how do we change this?  What do we say to those that have lost so much? How do we celebrate when so many people around us are hurting?


As I was listening to "Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees" by Elvis Presley, this holiday season. I began to think about the Three Wise Men.  They were called wise for a reason, right?

What did they do, to be considered wise?

1.  They ASKED about The KING of kings.
2.  They SOUGHT after Him.
3.  They FOUND Him.
4.  They brought GIFTS to Him.

WOW!  Think about that... What kind of gift would you give to the KING?

They gave Jesus... gold, incense, and myrrh.  Gold represented anything of wealth/talents that they may have had.  Incense represented their prayers and Myrrh was used in healing.


Jesus said... "ASK and it will be given to you, SEEK and you will find; KNOCK and the door will be opened."

Hmm... I started to think about what we do when someone knocks on our door?  We will usually STOP whatever it is that we are doing, go to the door to see who it is and how we may help.  How much more would God do for us?

This is exactly what the wise men did.  It seems pretty simple to me, so why are so many of us not doing it? 


It's funny, we don't seem to have a problem asking or knocking on our friends door, seeking out guru's, talk shows or whomever else for advice and answers. We will read the latest books on how to find the perfect mate, how to become healthy, or how to get rich.

But often times we will leave the KING out of the equation. 

Maybe we need to become WISE and seek out the ONE who will change our circumstances?  The ONE who will give us the right answers and the ONE who will heal our pain.

Now IS the time for CHANGE!

So let me ask you...

Whose door will you be knocking on, in this New year?

What gifts, talents, dreams, or needs do you have that you've been trying to fulfill on your own?

How about presenting them to KING of kings and allowing Him to multiply them.

For this will be a year of CELEBRATION, a year of PROSPERITY, a year of PEACE, LOVE and JOY!

So get off of Cloud Nine, forget about Ten... cuz ours is going to ELEVEN! hehe

Turn it up and tune in to the NEW sound that will come out in 2011... for the MUSIC will bring about healing and change.

And as the clock strikes MIDNIGHT tonight, may y'all SING and DANCE as we ring in the New Year together!

Behold, ALL things have become NEW!

Guns N' Roses ~ Knockin' on Heavens Door

Monday, November 15, 2010

ROSE of Roses

Portrait by: Elarteselarmadelalama

Love is. 

The 'Song of Songs' is one of my favorite books in the Bible.  It is so poetic and romantic.  I am fascinated by the abounding metaphors and imagery, within these love letters. The passion that they express towards one another and the longing to be together, is enchanting.     

I am also intrigued that it is said to be the MOST Beautiful Love song ever written. WOW!  I can't help but wonder... What does the 'Song of Songs' sound like???  What is the melody and how does the chorus go?  What key is it played in and what are the instruments that are being played?  I wish we had been given the Sheet Music for this beautiful love song!  (Don't think I haven't asked God for it, either). hehe   

Once Upon a Time... 

It was late November 2007 and I was out shopping for the holidays.  As I was about to leave the mall, I glanced inside one of the store windows.  I noticed a butterfly ornament hanging on a tree, so of course I walked back in to look at it. haha  It was a white and gold butterfly. I looked closer and noticed it said 'DREAM' on the front of it... I was sold. ;)

I then walked back outside of the mall, only to find that it was pouring rain and the wind was blowing.  I ran to my car and got inside.  I was soaking wet. As I drove I could hardly see out my window, so I decided to pull over and wait for the rain to lighten up a bit.

I stopped at the nearest gas station, opened the butterfly ornament and hung it from my rear view mirror.  I had the heater on but I was still freezing, so I went inside to get some hot chocolate.

I was talking to the checker about the rain when out of the blue, he said, "You have a gift at home that will bring happiness and peace to many people." Stunned by his words, I responded... "Well, if I make it home tonight in this rain, I'm sure my dogs will be very happy." haha  "It is a gift like December," he replied.  I was at a loss for words, so I just smiled, thanked him for the hot chocolate and headed towards the door. "Hey, November Rain... he yelled, I'm Solomon." "Nice to meet you Solomon, Merry Christmas"... I yelled back.

As I got back into my car, I noticed the butterfly ornament was facing the opposite way and it had a message on the back that I hadn't seen when I bought it.  The message read, "Let your dreams soar and watch yourself fly."  I smiled and started the car.  As I pulled up to the gate, I thought about what Solomon had said.  I drove up the driveway and went in through the garage.  It was pitch black inside.  I turned the kitchen lights on, sat the bags down on the counter, and started heading up the stairs to change my clothes.

As I was walking up the stairs I saw a dim light shining in the hallway, as I got closer... I heard the sound of the piano.  I froze for a few seconds, as if someone had just pressed the pause button... HE'S HERE!  I felt butterflies inside and my eyes filled up with tears.  I walked over and sat outside the door and just listened.  At that very moment, I realized what Solomon had meant by what he said.  Suddenly, I felt this peace come over me and this warmth inside my soul.

I closed my eyes as he played...

I saw a vision of an Orchestra playing in the middle of Rockefeller Center in New York City.  The colors of the lights from the beautiful (enormous), Christmas tree were reflecting a sparkling rainbow upon the Orchestra, as they played. The song took you on a journey through life, love, and the beauty therein.  I could see the faces of the people in the crowd glowing. They were holding their loved ones and swaying back and forth, as if they were dancing standing still.  The song came to a close with a sound of celebration and the snow began to fall in slow motion... like feathers were falling from the sky. Then it appeared as if a spotlight was shining down from heaven, upon his face.  I could hear the large crowd as they were clapping and chanting his name, "Rose... Rose... Rose..."

He looked up, winked, smiled, and bowed his head. The beauty of this scene was breathtaking.  A symphony of symphonies, unlike any other.

I have always believed that a song is the MOST beautiful and intimate gift you could ever give someone, because it is sharing a part of who you are and expressing your heart.  Although, I do not know the Title to this song, the Lyrics, or what this BEAUTIFUL love song is about... anymore than I know what the "Song of Songs" sounds like?!

So how does one explain or write about a song, that is inexpressible?  A song that gives you BUTTERFLIES and TEARS at the same time... A song that can only be experienced?!

Could it be the Sheet Music that I've been praying for? hehe  I don't have the answers but I do know this...

It is a gift that will bring Happiness and Peace to many people.

It is a gift like December.

It is the MOST Beautiful Love song ever written.

It is the greatest Fairy Tale, yet to be told.

It is what "Happily Ever After" sounds like.

It IS Love.

It is the ROSE of Roses.

Guns N' Roses ~ November (December) Rain

Protection and Peace IS your name!  Victory IS your number! 

*Thank you for this Gift, for this BEAUTIFUL Love song that you are about to share with the rest of the world.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pink Houses


It was over five years ago when I first started doing Fundraising events for Breast Cancer.  I am so AMAZED and thankful that it has received so much press.  So many people have stepped up to support it.  It seems you can't go anywhere now, without seeing the PINK ribbon/logo on our products, the NFL wearing pink, and Celebrities showing their support.  It IS such a huge blessing.

My prayer is that, we will eventually have that same support for the homeless living on our streets, in America.  This year has been tough, with rising unemployment and rising utility prices.  More people than ever are being forced out of their homes and onto the streets.

I can sit here and give you all the statistics.  I can tell you how many people are living on our streets, their background, or post pictures of them.  But I think ,we have somewhat turned a BLIND eye to it.  Maybe we are just desensitized to it all and therefore it doesn't bother us anymore?!

Most of us spend more money on a cup of coffee, than what it would cost us to buy a child (living on the streets), a Happy Meal from McDonald's.  I have fasted food many times in my life and I can't believe what 24 hours, without food does to your body and mind.  It is almost impossible to function.

It's so sad to hear their stories of what forced them, out onto the streets.  It breaks my heart when I hear a child say, that they are hungry.

With the holiday's upon us, I can't stop thinking about these kids.  I can't imagine what their parents are going through, not being able to feed their children.  I can't stop thinking about ALL of those that are living on our streets... cold, lost, and hungry.

I am so thankful for the Rock Stars and Celebrities that are a VOICE for our homeless and speak out on their behalf.  I am also thankful ,for all of the people that volunteer, donate, and do whatever they can to help.

But, how do we get the rest of America to pull together and take care of our neighbors, our grandparents, our mothers, our fathers, our brothers, our sisters, our veterans and our children... living on OUR streets?

Can we get a Homeless Awareness Day, Week or Month?

I feel FRUSTRATED, because I don't know what to do?

I know the lines will be longer than ever this holiday season, for those in need of a warm meal.  I pray that no one will be turned away!

What will it take, for us to show them that we care?  To stand in unity and fight for OUR homeless, Americans?

What color do their houses need to be... to get OUR attention???



John Mellancamp ~ Pink Houses

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shade of Tears

"your tears are a shade of violet"... x

You cry...

Red tears when they attack you
Orange when they make fun of you
Yellow tears when they lie to you
Green when they use you
Blue tears when they hurt you
Indigo when they turn from you

Don't cry
For you are My violet
I will send the thunder
Listen to the drops of rain

Your time shall come
I will validate WHO you are
And all of those that rose up against you
Will again try to befriend you

But I will remember their color
For I've already seen their shade
And when they turned from you
They also turned from Me

Don't cry
For you are My violet
I will send the thunder
Listen to the drops of rain

I will pull back My clouds
Reflect the sun's rays
And they shall see you sparkle
As two shades of purple

The vault is open in the sky
Heaven is shining down upon you
For without you, My sweet violet
The promise is not complete


Guns N' Roses ~ Don't Cry

"Don't you cry tonight
I still love you baby
Don't you cry tonight
Don't you cry tonight
There's a heaven above you baby
And don't you cry tonight"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

SHOT - his song

I've lost track of time
I forget it's been years
I never wanna feel that pain
How do I take another chance
I try to fool myself
Into this empty place

If I roll the dice
Will I get the same results
It's too much to risk
Can I get a guarantee
Don't abandon me
Don't ever leave

Give me somebody that can show me love
Show me somebody that will give me love
Cuz my heart can't take another shot

Everyone leaves, it's just a matter of time...

So give me somebody that can show me love
Show me somebody that will give me love
Cuz I only have, one shot left,
One shot left 

The fear I cling onto
Is what drives me away
Why should I give you the part of me
I turned to stone
Can you soften this place inside
Fill me with your soul

Allow love to come in
I still wanna believe
Soak it up
Fill the missing piece
It has to be here
I can feel it's close

Give me somebody that can show me love
Show me somebody that will give me love
Cuz my heart can't take another shot

Everyone leaves, it's just a matter of time...

So give me somebody that can show me love
Show me somebody that will give me love
Cuz I only have, one shot left,
One shot left

I can't keep running
Life is passing... passing me by
I wanna be the father, I never had 
I wanna know, I'm worth staying
Allow it to flow
Loyal is your eyes

One more shot, 
Do I pull the trigger
Is it real... real... real...
I'm starting to feel again
Hunger for you
Risking it all for you
I need you, I need your


Michele Zarillo ~ Una Rosa Blu

The chorus you play and sing, over and over... in my dreams.

The rest is taken from your notes (scattered on scratch paper), that I found throughout your place and pieced them together.

I'm sure you would do a much better job. ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be Still

Sometimes you need to drown out the NOISE of the world,
in order to hear the SOUND of Heaven.

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  There is so much art in the scenery, outside.  You can smell the freshness of the season, in the air.  It's cozy time! ;)

I love to cook, bake, and entertain, this time of year, more than any other season.

But lately, I have felt cluttered in my mind.  Am I too busy?  Over committing myself?  Talking too much, or just involved in more than I should?

I don't want to miss out on this season and have it pass by, without enjoying it.  I need to spend some quality time with friends and family, but most of all... some QUIET time with God.

I started thinking...

What if, all of us turned off our TV's, cell phones, and computers, and we were just quiet, for awhile?

What if we took some time, to get outside and listen to the ocean, the birds, the wind, the rain, and the snow fall?

Are we missing out on the BEAUTY of this season, that was given to us and what it may GIVE back to us?

Thank you Pastor Jay!

There's a place I like to go, on Tuesday's (for one hour), to pray and just listen.  I can't believe how much I have heard, how much I have seen, and how much I have felt, during this short period of time.

I am so thankful for THIS Sanctuary!  It IS so refreshing and my soul feels REVIVED.

I wonder what ideas, dreams, and music, may spark inside all of us, if we took just one hour, to Be Still.

And know, that He IS...


Tim McGraw ~ Still

"There's a place I need to go
Where the stain glass windows glow
Every part of me is known
Thank God I can go there
Thank God I can go there, still"

Friday, October 1, 2010

Symphony of DOVES

I've always been enamored by the Beauty of Doves.  I guess it started when I was a little girl and I went to Venice, Italy, for the first time.  The beauty in the city alone is breathtaking, but to see all of the Doves and feathers at San Marco Square, was fascinating to me.  There IS something so graceful about Doves, not to mention what they symbolize... The Holy Spirit, Prophecy, Peace, and Love!

After I had studied the different types of Doves, I found out that Doves BOND together for life.  Doves stay together until one of them dies, unlike other birds.  It's no wonder, that they are attracted to the most Romantic city in Europe. Truly beautiful and amazing.

To me... Doves are the Graceful Ballet Dancers, in the Bird Kingdom.  ;)

My Dove LOVE Story:

It was early one Spring morning, when I was startled by the oddest sound coming from outside my bedroom window.  I thought it was a cat or a baby crying?!  As I awoke, I knew that it couldn't be a baby, because my bedroom is on the third floor.  I looked outside my window but I didn't see anything.

After my morning coffee, I took King Mufasa (my dog), out for a walk.  My neighbor stopped me and he said, "Hey, did you hear the two doves this morning... Looks like they built a nest right outside of your window... Love is in the air." he joked.  WOW!!!  Doves outside of my window???  I couldn't believe it.

Every morning, I would hear my Morning Doves make this 'cooing' sound and I eventually became accustomed to hearing it.  They became my rooster in the morning. hehe  If you've never heard the sound, I will post a link at the end of this blog.

One evening before I went to sleep, I started thinking about my Morning Doves.  I then began asking God questions, as I always do.

"What are the doves saying to each other?... They must speak a language, that keeps them together forever... I want to know what it is... I want to be able to communicate like the Doves!"

That night as I slept, I had a dream... There were two white doves sitting on a log in the middle of the ocean.  I know it sounds like a joke, right?  haha

It was a dream straight out of Disney, with the two doves talking to one another.  I call these type of dreams my "Heavenly Disney Dreams." ;)

Anyway, this is what the Doves said to each other...

MALE:  I am Honor, You are Dignity
FEMALE:  You are Favor, I am Grace

I awoke and wrote these four words down, on the notepad on top of my nightstand.  WOW!  Think about how POWERFUL these four words are.

I thanked God, for sharing the 'Language of Dove' with me and I looked up the definition for each word and wrote them down.

Now every time I hear my Morning Doves, I think about these four words.  I also think about how I may be able to implicate them in my daily life, whenever I am speaking of or to someone.

I believe, if all of us treated each other with a little more HONOR, DIGNITY, FAVOR, and GRACE, we too will be able to communicate better and have relationships like the Doves!  ;)

Goodnight and may all of you have "Heavenly Disney Dreams," tonight!

Lenny Kravitz ~ Calling all Angels

"Calling all angels
I need you near to the ground
I have been kneeling
and praying to hear a sound
all of my life
I've been waiting for someone to love"

Cooing dove

This I Love

Friday, September 17, 2010

Beneath the Sheets

"What this means to me is more than I know you believe" ~Guns N' Roses

You are 
All that I am
Every dream
Every desire
It IS written 
In between
Sleepless nights
Lonely nights
The visions that I see
Come alive 
Between three and five
Memories of our future
So close 
I can smell it
I cling to every note
Your every movement
I feel your breath
Upon my skin
My love runs deep
Therefore I bleed within
Speak a Mystery
In our Sanctuary
Give me hope
Walk with me
Through this song
In rhythm 
We move
Through a maze
Synchronized in time
The reflection in your eyes
Reveals an Angel 
The blueprint
IS you
Upon your fingertip
Upon My heart
Your name tattooed
Bound around my neck
It cannot be erased
Do you not perceive
Inside of me
Like a telescope 
To my soul
It shall manifest
For it IS
On a tablet
On a scroll
How do I continue 
To deny
What IS real
What stops this aching
These tears from falling
How will you know
I was here

Be still...

Our souls kiss

Lift up your eyes
For the time to come
IS near

As the Feathers 
begin to fall
I need to awake
before I drown

Benea†h the Sheets 

Guns N' Roses ~ Street of Dreams

"I don't know just what I should do,
Everywhere I go I see you"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Porcupine and The Rose

It all started in a City in Southern Italy, in the early 1950's.  There was a young girl they called, 'Bella Rosa' because red was her favorite color and she loved Roses.  She was a striking beauty.  She had long dark hair, big brown eyes, and full lips.  She was an actress, a dancer, and she played football (soccer), as she was growing up.  She loved music and was a huge Elvis Presley fan. 

Bella Rosa was Crowned Miss Coca~Cola® in Italy. 

She had a crush on a boy that worked at the bar, where she would stop everyday after school.  When she was 15 years old, her fidanzato (boyfriend) asked her father for Bella Rosa's hand in marriage.  Her father replied, "Do you know who we are? Our family doesn't marry waiters!" Bella Rosa was crushed but she continued to sneak over to the bar, after school to see her boyfriend. 

One afternoon as she was at the bar, she noticed this tall man about 6'4 in a United States Air Force uniform.  As she was leaving the bar, this man started following her.  Bella Rosa became frightened and ran, the rest of the way home. 

Two weeks later there was a knock on her front door.  Her father answered the door and saw this this tall man from the US Air Force standing there.  He didn't understand English so he had their neighbor translate. 

This man asked if he could date Bella Rosa.  Her father replied, "Our family doesn't date, we marry first... then we date!"  Which this man then asked for Bella Rosa's hand in marriage and requested to take her to America with him. Her father granted his request. He told Bella Rosa that this would be an opportunity for her to come to a rich Country and have a better life.

Bella Rosa felt abandoned and unwanted by her parents.  She was 16 years old and all of her Dreams, were gone in an instant.

WOW!!! What fear this young girl must have been going through. Having to leave her family, brother, sister, boyfriend, and her Country.  She didn't understand or speak any English and would have to move to America, with a complete STRANGER!


There was a young Polish boy who grew up on a Ranch in a small Country town, with his older brother and sister.  They called him Porky, because he liked Porcupines.  He was a good looking boy. He had the 50's Pompadour style greased black hair, green puppy dog eyes, he dressed in rolled up jeans, combat boots, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket.

Porky worked on the family ranch and would get up every morning before school, to milk his families 23 cows.  He was a Cowboy at heart, loved Country music and rode horses. His passion was restoring old antique cars.

Porky and his brother liked to blow things up and they were always getting into trouble for starting fires, in their small town.

After college, Porky left his small town and enlisted in the Army.  Being the risk taker that he was and wanting the thrill of danger, he became a Paratrooper in the Army's 82nd Airbourne Division.

YIKES!!! I can't imagine jumping out of an airplane or anything like that. Porky must have had no fear and loved the adrenalin rush. 


During that time Bella Rosa had two children and was unhappy in her marriage, to this stranger.  She missed her family and her Country, but she didn't want to take her children away from their father.  Therefore, she was determined to make a life for herself and her children in America.  

She moved to the city and applied at the top dance studio there.  She was hired on the spot and began teaching dance lessons. 

Meanwhile Porky's tour of duty in the Army was over and he moved to the city, also.  He bought a brand new 62 T-Bird Convertible and was somewhat of a playboy, who dated a lot of women.  He was known as 'The Elvis' in that town. ;)

Porky worked close to the dance studio and would eat lunch at the restaurant across the street.

Bella Rosa would cross that same street everyday to grab coffee or a bite to eat, from the same restaurant.

That's when Porky first saw her.  Who was this beautiful woman, he thought? He watched her for a few months, through the glass windows in the studio and the restaurant.  

He finally had to meet her, so he went to the dance studio and asked about taking lessons, from Bella Rosa.  They explained to him that her schedule was booked and he wouldn't be able to.  Porky pulled out $1000.00 from his pocket (which was a lot of money back then) and said he would only take lessons from her.  The studio then agreed and they asked Bella Rosa to work more hours. 

Bella Rosa was a little shy when she first saw Porky, as he was very handsome. She tried to teach him to dance, but he was more interested in flirting with her. They started dating, which was against the dance studios policy and soon after Bella Rosa was fired.

Bella Rosa didn't care, she was happy and in love.

Elvis Presley ~ Can't help falling in love


During that same summer in the middle of July, Porky told Bella Rosa that he made plans for them that evening. He rented out the most plush Hotel suite in the city. 

When Bella Rosa arrived, the room was filled with long stem Red Roses. They had wine, dinner, talked and laughed. Porky then handed her a gift wrapped box.  When she opened up the box it was a pair of red pumps.  He told her to try the shoes on and then they would go downstairs to the bar and dance, the rest of the evening.

Bella Rosa slipped her foot into the shoe and felt something inside.  She then took the shoe off to find out what it was...

As she reached inside the shoe, she pulled out a Diamond Engagement Ring. 



People always ask me if I really BELIEVE in...

Love at First Sight?

True Love?

Two Hearts DESTINED to be Together?

My answer IS always the same... ABSOLUTELY!

It was September 5th, 1964 when Porky and Bella Rosa were Married.


Thank you for showing us that although we may face Porcupines in life, if we hold onto the Beauty of the Rose...

REAL love will last Forever! 

And thank you for naming me after Elvis' daughter, too. hehe

Ti amo! kocham cie! *143


Alan Jackson ~ Remember When