Friday, December 31, 2010

Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees... and Sore Knees?


My knees hurt, my eyes are burning, and my heart is burdened.  Sad but when I reflect back on 2010 this is what I see.

I think I've spent more time on my knees praying this past year, then I have at any other time in my life.  

It has been a tough year for many people.  It was a year of loss for a lot of us... Loss of relationships, loss of jobs, loss of homes, etc.  I myself went through some things this past year that really shook my faith.  But I am thankful that I know WHO to turn to, (when things are good or not so good) and pray for those in need.

I think we all tend to become comfortable with what we have or where we're at in life.  Change is scary for a lot of us and when everything starts changing around us, we tend to feel a lack of security.

I often tell people... "Sometimes God needs to subtract, in order to multiply." Subtraction hurts, it's a tearing apart or loss.  It causes us to feel unstable and lonely.

So how do we change this?  What do we say to those that have lost so much? How do we celebrate when so many people around us are hurting?


As I was listening to "Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees" by Elvis Presley, this holiday season. I began to think about the Three Wise Men.  They were called wise for a reason, right?

What did they do, to be considered wise?

1.  They ASKED about The KING of kings.
2.  They SOUGHT after Him.
3.  They FOUND Him.
4.  They brought GIFTS to Him.

WOW!  Think about that... What kind of gift would you give to the KING?

They gave Jesus... gold, incense, and myrrh.  Gold represented anything of wealth/talents that they may have had.  Incense represented their prayers and Myrrh was used in healing.


Jesus said... "ASK and it will be given to you, SEEK and you will find; KNOCK and the door will be opened."

Hmm... I started to think about what we do when someone knocks on our door?  We will usually STOP whatever it is that we are doing, go to the door to see who it is and how we may help.  How much more would God do for us?

This is exactly what the wise men did.  It seems pretty simple to me, so why are so many of us not doing it? 


It's funny, we don't seem to have a problem asking or knocking on our friends door, seeking out guru's, talk shows or whomever else for advice and answers. We will read the latest books on how to find the perfect mate, how to become healthy, or how to get rich.

But often times we will leave the KING out of the equation. 

Maybe we need to become WISE and seek out the ONE who will change our circumstances?  The ONE who will give us the right answers and the ONE who will heal our pain.

Now IS the time for CHANGE!

So let me ask you...

Whose door will you be knocking on, in this New year?

What gifts, talents, dreams, or needs do you have that you've been trying to fulfill on your own?

How about presenting them to KING of kings and allowing Him to multiply them.

For this will be a year of CELEBRATION, a year of PROSPERITY, a year of PEACE, LOVE and JOY!

So get off of Cloud Nine, forget about Ten... cuz ours is going to ELEVEN! hehe

Turn it up and tune in to the NEW sound that will come out in 2011... for the MUSIC will bring about healing and change.

And as the clock strikes MIDNIGHT tonight, may y'all SING and DANCE as we ring in the New Year together!

Behold, ALL things have become NEW!

Guns N' Roses ~ Knockin' on Heavens Door


Anonymous said...

may I see your boobs please?

Im looking for your boobs....

*knocks on your blouse*

bwaa haa haaaaa! :D


ps yes, i obviously DID read it all, didnt i? :D ...but as meaning i take out of never like anyone elses :D muwah! :D


Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

As long as you're reading...

It will eventually sink in!!! ;)