Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JUBILEE ~ Purple Rose

I saw Heaven in his eyes.

The Lord came to me saying, "Lisa Marie, what do you see?"

And I said, "I see a King in all his Splendor and Glory,

I see King David...
A shepherd boy
The one who slayed the giant
A victorious warrior 
The chief musician
A Prophet
A poet
The writer of the Psalms
He was the apple of God's eye
The one who had the gift of music, to cause the demons to flee
A man after God's own heart
An Anointed King

I see King Solomon...
A Prophet
The one who asked God for wisdom 
The one that pleased God with his request
The one God blessed with wealth and wisdom
He was the wisest and wealthiest man, who's ever lived
An Anointed King
The writer of the Proverbs, Ecclesiastes,
And the one who wrote the most BEAUTIFUL love song ever written,
the "Song of Songs"

I see Honor and Majesty, Lord
I see a Father and his son."

And the Lord came to me a second time saying, "What do you see?"

And I said, "I see the King of Rock and Roll,

I see Elvis Presley...
A loving son and father
A singer and a musician
The one who challenged social and racial barriers,
through his diverse musical influences
The one who ushered in a NEW era of American music and popular culture
A beautiful man with charisma and good humor
A man with reverence for Jesus
A man who honored our country
A man with a heart of gold
A humble servant of the King of Kings

I see...

I see a gun and roses

I see Precious stones

I see "Passion" and "Jubilee" written on a tablet

I see "Dove Love" and the number "717" written on a scroll

I see Angel wings and feathers

I see exquisite sheet music from Heaven

I see a Cross and a heart

I see a Scepter, a Robe, and a Signet ring

I see a white Seat, high upon the throne

I see a sacred composition

I see all three Kings, in him

I see a Purple Rose, Lord
I see its petals laced in gold."

Then the Lord said to me, "You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word."


For more information regarding "Purple Rose Day" in Honor of AxL Rose, please view my previous blog... Purple Rose 

Purple Rose = Love at First Sight * Enchantment 
Purple = Kingship * Royalty
Gold = Kingdom Glory

Guns N' Roses ~ If the world

"if the world would end today
and all the dreams we had
would all just drift away
you know there's nothing more to say
if the world would end
and our love slipped away"...

"The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of singing has come
And the voice of the turtledove
IS heard in our land."
Song of Songs 2:12

I would like to thank ProFlowers, once again for their continued support of "PURPLE ROSE DAY" in HONOR of AxL ROSE!  They are offering a 15% discount on ALL flower arrangements, by clicking on the link below...


photos by jan said...

Very nice, I liked this a lot, well said. Happy Birthday AxL Rose.

Savira Gupta said...

I agree very well said! Happy Birthday Axel Rose...

Anonymous said...



Heather M. said...

Wow Lisa, I had to read this a few times. There's something magical in your writing. I like the pictures and the lyrics to the song are beautyful. I believe what you are seeing is real. What a great way to honor him. He's definitely a King. Happy 50th Axl Rose!

sm said...

beautifully written
nice poem
have to read again and watch the video
beautiful pics

Anonymous said...

Awesome insight. Great write. Seeing is believing. Happy Birthday Axl. God bless you! luv, Tabitha

Unknown said...

Beautiful and well-said, Lisa...
Axl, may you have the most wonderful birthday yet...

This poem, too, is for you...

Three Men, Kings of Talent

Three men,
Kings of talent.
same angel.
Music cries out from their souls to the world.
Words explode into history
And drastically change it.

Prophetic, poetic gifts...
Three men,
Kings of talent.
The very same angel
Hovered over, watched, guarded and assisted.

Three men
Kings of talent.
same angel.
Same demons.
Same Jesus Who wills them set free.

Three men,
Kings of talent.
Musical geniuses,
Prophetically, poetically gifted.

Terrorized by the same demons
Calling for the same Jesus
Called by this Jesus
To spread fire and light
In musical form -
Fire and light bright like the sun
Through the revelation of their words.

Three men,
Kings of talent,
Elvis, Michael, Axl...
Each with their own voice
Sharing what the Great Voice
Shared in their dreams and visions.

Three men,
One angel,
One talent,
One Jesus,
One gift to share...
Elvis, Michael, Axl.

One left...

How will you make the world a better place?
Nothing is impossible to those who believe.
You can move mountains,
When you step into the river,
Getting out of the boat.

Fly like the eagle,
walk across water,
Sing what he's given you,
Be daring and authentic-
You know where you're holding back,
Afraid of what the world may think,
But rest assured, if it's from Him,
It doesn't matter anyway anyone's opine.

Three men,
One angel,
Kings of talent,
One left.

How will you decide to change the world?

Natile said...

Roses are purple
Violets are too
Axl is special
And so are you

Happy Birthday Axl and Happy purple rose day. Lovely post.

I like Harmony's poem also.
Wonderful and inspiring.

God be with you Axl and Guns N' Roses!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Axl!!! WE LOVE U!!!!! Gunners forever

TommyB said...

You know what, Lisa Marie? There's something so intense in the way u write that it makes me wanna dust off the old bible and take a look inside. I think you're seeing more than you're sayin and probably hearing more too. lol Great pix. Lookin forward to the new gnr tunes. Happy Birthday to your boy!

Melissa Tandoc said...

Oh you are truly unique Lisa in every way ~ the tribute is great :)

Johnny said...

This is very cool. Happy 50th Mr. Rose. Keep rockin! Peace, Johnny

Rachel Hoyt said...

Happy Birthday Axl!!

Anonymous said...


Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Thank you to everyone who made AxL's day SPECIAL!!! Thanks for sharing the BEAUTIFUL video's and articles! And most of all... thank you for LOVING him and HONORING him!!!

@Jan Thank you for the compliment!

@Savira Gupta Thank you so much!

@-S- ;) ;) ;)

@Heather M. Thank you for reading and for your SWEET compliment. YES, he IS. ;)

@sm Thank you! It is much appreciated.

@Tabitha Thank you so very much!

@Anonymous Thanks! ;)

@Harmony Courtney WOW!!! This poem brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing it on my blog. YES, "One left"... ;) Thanks for HONORING him!

@Natile Awe, this is so SWEET!!! Thank you so much and God be with you, as well.

@Anonymous Thank you to ALL the Gunners, ALWAYS!!!

@TommyB HAHAHA! That IS the best compliment!!! If I can get you to dust off your Bible and look inside, then I have done my job!!! hehe Let me know what TREASURE you find, once you take a peek? ;)

@Melissa Grazie tanto, BELLA!!!

@Johnny Thank you! I truly appreciate it!

@Rachel Hoyt ;)

@D.S. Thanks so much for the BEAUTIFUL compliment!!!