Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shade of Tears

"your tears are a shade of violet"... x

You cry...

Red tears when they attack you
Orange when they make fun of you
Yellow tears when they lie to you
Green when they use you
Blue tears when they hurt you
Indigo when they turn from you

Don't cry
For you are My violet
I will send the thunder
Listen to the drops of rain

Your time shall come
I will validate WHO you are
And all of those that rose up against you
Will again try to befriend you

But I will remember their color
For I've already seen their shade
And when they turned from you
They also turned from Me

Don't cry
For you are My violet
I will send the thunder
Listen to the drops of rain

I will pull back My clouds
Reflect the sun's rays
And they shall see you sparkle
As two shades of purple

The vault is open in the sky
Heaven is shining down upon you
For without you, My sweet violet
The promise is not complete


Guns N' Roses ~ Don't Cry

"Don't you cry tonight
I still love you baby
Don't you cry tonight
Don't you cry tonight
There's a heaven above you baby
And don't you cry tonight"


Anonymous said...

its those god damn skittles again! :D


Angel Eyes said...

I have been a guns n roses fan for many years lol I hope for many more lol : ) now following

alejandro guzman said...

Can't say I'm a fan of the Roses but am a fan of a cool arco iris..

Cheers A

Mary said...

Lisa, I can feel the pain of the poem and the rebirth of faith.
Thank you for sharing:)

rimly said...

I do listen to Guns n Roses, some of their songs are really good. Very touching.Following you

JIM said...

wonderful words I enjoyed reading them not a gun & roses fan but becoming one of your fans

Farfalla Dreams said...

Thank you Angel Eyes... what a Beautiful name. I'm glad you enjoyed it and are following too! ;)

Farfalla Dreams said...

Thank you Alejandro, I appreciate it.

Acro Iris... BEAUTIFUL in every language!!! ;)

Farfalla Dreams said...

WOW Mary, AMEN!!! It is definitely a rebirth of faith! ;) Thank you for the compliment!

Farfalla Dreams said...

Rimly, What a pretty name! Thank you for the comment. I'm glad to hear it, wait until you hear AxL's new stuff!!! Words can't express the BEAUTY!!! ;) Thanks for following!!!

Farfalla Dreams said...

Awe, thank you Jim! Very Sweet! I appreciate it! ;)

melissa said...

finalmente! ho avuto it tempo per leggere la tua poesia ;)... i like the way you used the different hues to describe your feelings ;)... purple's really special...

you write really well ;)...

Farfalla Dreams said...

Thank you again Melissa for the SWEET compliment.

Yes, Purple = Royalty and Kingship. I always joke and say that I used to think I was a PINK girl, until God showed me I was PURPLE! ;)

I love hearing your input, it's inspiring! ;)

Sensei said...

beautiful :)

Farfalla Dreams said...

@Sensei Thank you!!! ;)