Thursday, July 18, 2013

silvery shoals of fish

A poem by:  S. Bartek

today we've gone underwater
wearing masks for a masquerade
to look for the colors that sank
in the rays of light - a brainwave
three dimensions of surprise
three breaths
under the water i don't exist
no wind
i go there sometimes when
i don't want to think
wonder when
or will you
tell me
the speech centers remain silent
the speech centers just catch
and the world is underwater
the silvery shoals
the silvery shoals
with my hands i cast an anchor
this will be
my land
here i melt
in all directions
sometimes you are the waves
sometimes you are the shoals
you are
you are the waves
you break against the seabed
the pirates go ashore with their loot
and we go up - upright
every step
is so deep-seated
i haul us ashore
i pick the treasure from the sea bottom
sand, sand and the letter
with yet more words
the silence of the fish
we have no lips to speak with
under the water i don't exist
no wind
a natural muffle
the shades of ships
the colors of masquerade
the reef and the raft
on which we come back ashore
and along with us
- the gravity

"He's a blue shadow of you
a diamond lost at sea
a heart so pure and true
trying to find his way
back to you."
~Lisa Marie Farfalla

Guns N' Roses ~ Estranged


Unknown said...

Poignant yet beautiful, Lisa Marie...

bennjamin said...

No gravity, for a while, and "the silence of the fish"... Isolation, with nature alone, within nature. Connection with all of life, but no voices, no human promises, no words - only the shades of ships remind us of humanity, and the masquerade. But in this very moment we are part of a bigger whole - we feel a presence, perhaps like Manitou, the all pervading Spirit. "This will be my land" - dreamland, farfallaland, land of marvel, the inner landscape of possibilities. A deep belief, bigger than our greatest griefs, more powerful than our deepest hurt. "Under the water i don't exist" - because I'm part of the whole, all is existence.

What a beautiful poem you've been picking up here.

Jessica M said...

Lovely poem. I really enjoyed it!

Debra said...

Lisa Marie: you talented girl, you! Poetry, photography, prose, music. A true renaissance lady.
I’m working on a writing project and currently seeking contributions on the theme of forgiveness, and would love your input. It can be something you’ve already written, or something brand new.

It can be a favorite quote, a link, a poem, a story… it matters not. Just share what you have.

Anna said...

Greetings Farfalla, Thank you for posting this we met at SGH and is an great poet and lyricist. He certainly does exist and is gorgeous. Any music coming from him? I know he's private and shy but would love to read more of his poetry. I'm enjoying your wonderful writings too and your blog.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Harmony Courtney: I agree! Thank you for reading and commenting.

@jcm manuel: WOW!!! Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL comment. I love how deep your mind works. haha Awe, yes the silence of fish. No human voices to hear hurtful words or broken promises, no one wearing masks and not being true to who they are. No gravity underwater, therefore we aren't carrying the weight. A beautifully painted picture of us being one with one another in unity and peace.

Jessica M: Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

@Debra: Thank you for stopping by and for thinking of me. I would be honored and will email you, soon. ;)

@Anna: Hi, thank you so much for the SWEET compliment. SGH is a great school. Yes, he is currently working on a new music project with a new band. Not sure if I can reveal the name of the band yet, but hopefully he'll be putting something out soon. I will see what I can do about posting more of his poetry, also. ;)

Melissa Tandoc said...

Come stai bella? I missed your presence here and in FB. Thank you for sharing Seth's poetry. Somehow it reveals his personality ~ quiet, self-assured, seeking :)

I really never thought he existed in the real world. I hope to see more of your writings soon :D God bless farfalla mia :)

albert said...

beautiful poem . i consider a fantastic write and much talen y capacitation kisses

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@melissa: Ciao bella, sto bene. Awe, you're so sweet. ;) Thank you for your kind words. Blessings and love to you!!!

@albert: Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate it.

adhi das said...

Awesome and touching!!GOD<3U:)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Adhi Das: Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

he is so lovely :)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@-S-: Thank you!

@ale gnr: Yes, thank you so much. ;)