Monday, August 15, 2011


"hope deferred makes the heart sick."

If something was broken here
Why did you go there to fix it?
If it was missing here
Why did you search over there to find it?

If it needed to be connected
Why did you continue to sever it?
If you felt lonely
Why was I neglected and alone?

If communication was void
Why was it filled with a strangers voice?
If time was the issue
Why did you abandon it?

Haunted in our sanctuary
Silence filled the walls
I prayed and believed
You would yield and retrieve

You took the deceptive steps
You tangled yourself
And what was sacred
Soon became tainted

I never chose this path
It was plotted against me
Victimized by trust
Defaced and disgraced

My character was assassinated
Stolen and vandalized
You shuffled your feet
For a moment of pleasure

You drank water from another well
And soon ours dried up
A flower cannot be revived
Once it withers and dies

It's over, the choice was yours
There's nothing left, but a garden destroyed
Sign the certificate of death
And bury those dead flowers

For the monument you've gained
Is but a bed, defiled and maimed
And the crown upon your head
Is reduced to a crust of bread

love r.i.p.

Aerosmith ~ Hole in my soul

Aerosmith ~ Hole in my soul lyrics

I'm down a one way street
With a one night stand
With a one track mind
Out in no man's land
The punishment sometimes
Don't seem to fit the crime

Yeah there's a hole in my soul
But one thing I've learned
For every love letter written
There's another one burned
So you tell me how it's gonna be this time

Is it over?
Is it over?
'Cause I'm blowin' out the flame

Take a walk outside your mind
Tell me how it feels to be
The one who turns
The knife inside of me

Take a look and you will find
There's nothing there, girl
Yeah I swear, I'm telling you, girl yeah 'cause

There's a Hole In My Soul
That's been killing me forever
It's a place where a garden never grows
There's a Hole In My Soul
Yeah, I should have known better
'Cause your love's like a thorn without a rose
Yeah, yeah

I'm as dry as a seven year drought
I got dust for tears
Yeah I'm all tapped out
Sometimes I feel broken and can't get fixed

I know there's been all kinds of shoes
Underneath your bed
Now I sleep with my boots on
But you're still in my head
And something tells me this time
I'm down to my last licks

'Cause if it's over
Then it's over
And it's driving me insane

Take a walk outside your mind
Tell me how it feels to be
The one who turns
The knife inside of me
Take a look and you will find
There's nothing there, girl, yeah, I swear
I'm telling you girl yeah 'cause

Yeah, it's over
Yeah, it's over
And I'm blowing out the flame


JIM said...

Really imaginative way of showing the hurt and anger that flows from a love gone wrong! I really enjoyed reading this, Your really very good!!! Very good!!

photos by jan said...

what more can I say, you have said it all. Perfectly.

Rimly said...

I enjoyed as always the poem, what a unique way of expressing yourself. Priceless!

Melissa Tandoc said...

I missed the sacredness of your words farfalla mia.

Truly the best...I felt what you wrote.

alejandro said...

How sad and painful.

Love A

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Jim Thank you so very, very much!!! I really appreciate your words. It was painful for me to write it and to accept it, for that matter.

@Jan Thank you for reading and commenting. ;)

@Rimly Thank you for your comment! I guess pain has no limits? Sad but true!

@Melissa Thank you Bella, I believe Jesus will heal my sorrow!

@Alejandro Thank you for reading and commenting! Yes it is, betrayal is a hard pill to swallow. It's very painful, indeed.

bennjamin said...

The poem was heartfelt. It helps to resolve old pains, find a place for our deepest griefs - those that never feel like going away.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@jcmmanuel Yes, very true! We have to let go of the past, so we can walk into our future. Sometimes it's easier said than done! ALL THINGS are working for good, no matter how bad or painful they seem! Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it!