Friday, August 17, 2012

Diamonds and Butterflies

"your little halo hung sideways" ~Kevin Max

Diamonds and Butterflies by:  Kevin Max

we made magic
in a secret place
far from towns
where people could see
or hear our incarnations
of faith, love and the future
we prayed to the God of mercy
we prayed to the God of grace
we kneel quietly underneath the trees
and place our souls at His feet
we pray that the metamorphosis inside us
finds its wings
we pray that those wings will fly
far and wide
delivering good news and medicine
in the way of Creation
in the Son we shine
like diamonds on a hilltop
covered up by the dirt
from the great flood
and uncovered
by the great wind of time
we made magic
in a secret place
and all will know
and be

"I find your beautiful mind, in everything"... 

Kevin Max ~ Existence

In HONOR of my friend Kevin Max...

The first time I saw Kevin perform live, it felt as if the Heaven's opened up and an Angel began to sing.  His voice pierced right through my soul, like a strong wind.  I was completely awestruck.

One thing that I love IS a great poet and lyricist.  Kevin's songwriting skills are so deep and mind blowing.  His voice is angelic-like.  His covers of Queen, John Lennon and Elvis Presley (just to name a few), are out of this world.  He IS an amazing singer, songwriter and poet... but most of all he has a BEAUTIFUL heart.

His resume and grammy's speak for themselves but if you've never read his poetry or heard his music, take a listen.  He will not disappoint.

When asked to describe him, you might often hear people use the words 'flamboyant' or 'eccentric.'  But when I was asked if I could describe Kevin's music in ONE word, my response was, "Christmas."  Not just because he has a beautiful Christmas album, but because his VOICE and music IS a DIVINE gift from God.

I thank the Lord for his EXISTENCE.

Thank you Kevin for this beautiful poem that you wrote for me.

Much love to you, your gorgeous wife, your precious children and the entire ROYAL Max family.

May you be HONORED and CELEBRATED today and ALWAYS!

Happy Birthday 'Diamond.'


"I find your beautiful eyes, see everything"... 

"I find your beautiful eyes, see right through me"...

Kev and I ~ Pink Christmas '06


Kevin Max ~ Beautiful Mind

"I find your beautiful eyes
see everything,
so show me something
beautiful, please."

Kevin Max ~ Twitter
Kevin Max ~ Facebook


Anonymous said...

quad sup yay!


mynameis_dylan said...

Only thing on here i disagree with:

"Someone once asked me, if I had to describe Kevin's music in ONE word, what would it be? I said, "Christmas." Not because he has a beautiful Christmas album, but because his voice and music IS a DIVINE gift, from God."

Kevin Max DOES in fact have a beautiful Christmas album.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@-S-: Double YAY!!! ;)

@My Name is Dylan: Hi Dylan, Thank you so much for the comment and for pointing that out. I meant to say, "not just because". I corrected it!!! YES, I agree his Christmas album is beyond BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!!!

Irene said...

those are indeed beautiful words from your friend, kevin, lisa. he is truly gifted. <3 :-)

Aliza said...

Aww...suchay sweet piece of poetry! You are one lucky girl to have someone like him :)

Martha Jane Orlando said...

What an astonishingly beautiful poem Kevin wrote. And, his voice is wonderful, indeed!
Thanks for sharing with us, Lisa Marie. :)

bennjamin said...

There are a few of my friends who always keep surprising me and you are definitely one of those. One friend always describes the depths of pain and hurt in ways no one else does - I always feel like deeply understood when I read her poetry. You are of course not a stranger in the land of pain, but what you do very often is bringing in this flash of intense hope. And in this case you start with ... Diamonds and Butterflies, is that a song by Kevin? A poem? I can't find it anywhere, except on your page here.

This piece of poetry crackles and sparkles with love and hope, with openness, wide landscapes and sunlight and a fresh breeze and the sound of water brooks and panting harts (Ps.42). The words "we made magic in a secret place, and all will know and be effected"... that's a beautiful way of rehearsing our belief that in the end love will win.

You see, this is something I've come to understand for quite some time now, but I need to hear it again and in different ways, from different perspectives, so it can grow on me, settle down inside. This typical American (and Rock & Roll) idea of "making love" as if you can really "make" this thing - but the funny thing is that's exactly what has to happen. "Making love for everyone to enjoy it" if I may say so. So in the end, yes, even the idea of "secret love", whatever interpretation there is to this, also means people are somehow getting back to the simplicity of the very roots of what makes us humane: love. That secret will ultimately always be shared, because it can't be kept inside.

You mentioned Queen. I just saw a documentary on Queen, amazing how Freddy also had his focus on searching for love - and giving it too. The fact that Kevin is singing a Queen cover is just evidence of the kind of Christianity that Kevin represents. It's open-ended. And soare you.

Beautiful hearts indeed. It's a great [idea] to zone in on an artist from time to time. Theire lyrics and lives are often very inspiring (and in a world with so much focus on conspiring, inspiring is such a refreshing thing). Those two songs, I heard Existence before, but both songs are mind-blowing pearls of beauty.

You are much like me in at least one respect: I never see you indulging in self-complaint. What you do is observing, and no doubt you observe lots of pain (in you and around), and then you also observe love - and you choose love as your guide. Then you turn it into a beautiful, accessible dream. We can all feel how real this love is. The world is a better place already because of these blogs.

You know how I still suffer from the way I lost a real soulmate friend more than 2 years ago. I will never understand how one mistake of mine turned me into this 'asshole' (my new name, according to her, apparently). But that, too, is not self-complaint. I observe this unyielding pain inside, and I always wonder about this pain. If I would really care a lot about my status of 'asshole', I wouldn't feel this pain, I would feel sorry for my self. But the reality is, it does not matter at all whether or not someone decided that I'm an asshole, because I know all too well that I am more than my mistakes. What matters is that this pain always reminds me that my love was real.

Consequently, I can only wish I can give the love that I'd give to her, to others - who may feel rejected, lost, weak, sad, unloved. There is no point in being perfect. It's much better to suck, as long as we can suck together nicely, as a team of humans who are becoming humane, as much as we can. Seeing in other people those "diamonds on a hilltop". This, to me, really sounds like "magic in a secret place".

In all of this you are a great buddy. Your mind is hooked on true, forgiving love. This is farfalla dream land. Not a Hollywood-alike "la-la-land" but, farfalla-la-la-land;-)

PS. Beautiful picture of you and Kevin.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@irene @ inspiration.from.the.little.things: AMEN!!! Yes, he IS. Thank you so much for the comment!

@Aliza: Yes, it IS beautiful. Thank God, for blessing us with good friends.

@Martha J. M. Orlando: Yes, it IS. Thank you for the SWEET compliment and for reading. I truly appreciate it!!! ;)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@jcm manuel: "Intense HOPE"... I love that!!!

Diamonds and Butterflies is a poem, that Kevin wrote for me, so you won't find it anywhere but FarfallaLAND (as you call it). haha Well, that is unless he decides to turn it into a song or publish it, in his next poetry book?! hehe

"in the end love will win"... AMEN!!! What BEAUTIFUL words, you used to describe his poem. I totally agree!

Yes, love IS the greatest POWER we possess and it is the PASSION that moves us to create.

"Open-ended Christianity"... INDEED! Thank you for the HUGE compliment!

His songs as you described are "pearls of beauty" VERY MUCH SO!!! What a BEAUTIFUL compliment!

"you observe lots of pain (in you and around), and then you also observe love - and you choose love as your guide. Then you turn it into a beautiful, accessible dream. We can all feel how real this love is. The world is a better place already because of these blogs."

WOW!!! That IS so very true! Love OVERRIDES the pain. Thank you for such a SWEET compliment.

Well, you are NOT an a**hole just because someone else decides not to forgive. None of us are perfect and that's where GRACE and forgiveness come in. "We reap what we sow" but as one person explained it to me... Sometimes the person we SOW love into, is not necessarily the person that, we will REAP love back from. It's sad but true. We just move on and keep LOVING others! Love will cancel out the pain, in the end. It's not over... yet!!! ;)

"farfalla dream land"... HAHA!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Thank you so much for your BEAUTIFUL words! I truly appreciate it, so very much!!!

Unknown said...

Lisa Marie...

Many moons ago when you shared this piece of poetry with me I was truly touched. It still touches, and more deeply now.

When I met Kevin, both times, a gentleman and yes, a bit eccentric... but aren't all of us who chose a life of art? It was my pleasure to read your birthday tribute to such a wonderful, gifted, blessed human being. And if I ever meet him again, it will be an honor.... Hearing, reading, experiencing his poetry, his music, is an honor.

Kevin... Happy birthday, and may you, Amanda, and your children continue in the blessing God has bestowed upon you all.

Melissa Tandoc said...

Magnificent piece Lisa :D Your friends are as mystical as you are. I had to google who Kevin Max is and I admit I love his lyrics and music. It is as you have described it ~ completely and totally beautiful.

Thank you for sharing the poetry to us ~ awesome :)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Harmony Courtney: Yes, a huge HONOR and Yes, all of us are a bit eccentric, INDEED!!! Thank you for reading and commenting!

@melissa Awe, thank you for the BEAUTIFUL compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed it. ;)

Rachel Hoyt said...

I had not heard of him before but really enjoyed the poetry and the song Existence. :)

Nikky44 said...

Its such a beautiful poem!!!

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Rachel Hoyt: Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed it! ;)

@Nikky44: Thank you for the SWEET compliment!!!

Debra said...

Lisa, what a wonderful tribute to an awesomelyricist/songwriter/performer! Magical and moving! Kevin is plugged in to the Divine, his words contain such depth of meaning. Such a rare jewel is he. His music offers a glimpse of heaven. Thank you Lisa for sharing this breathtaking talent!

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Debra: WOW!!! Thank you so much for your BEAUTIFUL words and SWEET compliments. YES, his words are very DEEP and meaningful. Rare jewel, indeed!!!

"His music offers a glimpse of heaven"

AMEN!!! I love that!!! ;)

Jim Kipp said...

very nice tribute

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Jim Kipp: Thank you so much!!! ;)

Kappu said...

wow, thats a great write up for your friend! :)

Do stop by my blog!! I'd love your visits & comments!

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Kappu: Thank you so much! I appreciate you reading and commenting. And... I will stop by. ;)

Deepak Kripal said...

i thoroughly enjoyed the poem.. your friend has a flair for writing i see.. simply beautiful..

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@deepak kripal: YES, he does. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

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