Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tablets of Life

"Do not be afraid, stand firm and you will see" ~Moses

Born into a secret paradise
hidden from the world's eyes
for three months
until I took you
to a sacred palace
in a foreign land
far away
with no name of your own
and no claim to the throne
and they wonder why
you have no name
and they question why
dates and names were changed
and they whisper
to whom does he belong?
top secret
no identity
confidential agreement
records concealed
silence creeps in
lips are sealed
what shall you say?
honor your father
follow the script
follow the script
don't waiver
from what you were given
for it is the tablets of life
by the ghost in the mirror
by their questions
living a life of obscurity
wanting to run and hide
but called to be seen
draw forth
climb the mountain
there's a burning bush
there's a burning bush
turn aside
and see this great sight
don't pass by your destiny
listen to His voice
take off your sandals
and stand on holy ground
for you are called
a prophet
a leader
with no words to speak
fearing your own abilities
afraid to speak
a deliverer
what's in your hand
what's in your hand
use the gift you were given
it shall do the signs
don't hide your face
for glory is upon it
lift up your eyes
let the feathers fall
allow your guitar to prophesy
the lyrics shall clarify
part your lips and sing
strike the water
and He'll part the sea
cross through
'til you reach the other side
endure the wilderness
and step into the land
the land of milk and honey
do not fear who you are
for your claim to fame
is through His name
"I am who I AM"

"Stretch out your hand toward heaven" ~God

Janita ~ Haunted (starring the young dove)

"Coming from my hidden world
through doors that I've closed
across bridges I've burned"


Anonymous said...



Eléa said...

A beautiful poem. Once again, I enjoyed it. FĂ©licitations.

Anonymous said...

when the cat's away the bold little mouse will play.

Anonymous said...

when the cat's away the bold little mouse will play.

Dangerous Linda said...

Hi, Lisa! ~

I admire your passion! It's easy to see that your words come from the heart! Thank you for sharing!!!

bennjamin said...


"endure the wilderness
and step into the land"

I would perhaps say more, but my mind has been taken captive by this song you posted, JANITA / HAUNTED. A new discovery for me. Thanks, Lisa-Marie. PS. I may not nearly pay you and your blogs the deserved attention but I'm not forgetting you. It's just that so many things seem to call for my attention. Xx

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@-S-: Thank you!

@Elea: I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for reading.

@Anonymous: ???

@Dangerous Linda: Thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate it.

@jcm manuel: Awe, thank you so much. Don't worry, I know how busy everyone is, including myself. haha I appreciate you "not forgetting" about me when you have the time. I'm glad you liked the song. :)