Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When Dreams Collide

"It will cost you nothing to dream, and everything not to."

I have found that most people delete their dreams, like they are junk mail and don't think anything about them. 

I was the same way at one time, but something so POWERFUL, beyond anything I could ever explain or anyone else could explain to me; changed me!

I receive a lot of emails regarding the meaning behind Farfalla Dreams, how I know certain things, people ask me all the time to interpret their dreams, about my faith, and/or just have questions.

Let me start off by saying, that I am NOT a Theologian, a Bible Scholar, a Psychic, or a Psychologist.  I don't practice New Age interpretation of dreams and I have had no formal schooling in dreams, etc.

Throughout history, God always spoke to people through dreams.  As I've said before, maybe He speaks to us through our dreams because it's the only time we're quiet and we'll LISTEN to Him?  haha  Anyway, we can argue our beliefs all day long, but that isn't what I created this page for.

This page will be for those of you, that want to get more in depth information about dreams, faith, interpretation of dreams and revelation.

I'm NOT saying that I have all of the answers, but I do know the ONE who does. ;)

YES, I am a DREAMER and I am a BELIEVER.

First, ask yourself these simple questions:

1. Why were we created to dream?
2. Why do we spend half of our lives sleeping and dreaming?
3. If dreams are meaningless, then why do we have them?

Hmm... Something to ponder?!

Here are two stories that I love to share...

Not because of who they are, but because they BELIEVED their dreams and allowed the rest of us to EXPERIENCE the dream.

May 22nd, 1987
From The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx...

"T-Bone has just left, My head is still buzzing from talking to him.  He had a dream last night that he was playing the drums upside down, and he wants to turn it into reality.  So he's told management he wants them to design a kit that can spin around like a gyroscope while he's playing it...they're looking into it."

WOW!  I recall everyone talking and writing about Tommy Lee's drum solo and his entire kit floating above the crowd, revolving and spinning as he continued playing it.

It was such a blessing to actually be able to SEE it and EXPERIENCE it.

I also love great songwriting.  One of my favorite writers/lyricists is Pat Monahan from the band Train.  I had tried to write something about his lyrics at one time, but between his Solo CD and Train CD's there are so many BEAUTIFUL lyrics... that I would've ended up posting all of his songs! haha

Besides, my words could never COLLIDE to express his beautiful words. ;)

"She acts like summer and walks like rain"

Train won a grammy for the song 'Drops of Jupiter'... but the story behind the song IS what IS so PROFOUND.

The story behind 'Drops of Jupiter'

I always tell people...

"Dream God sized dreams and watch Him bring them to pass."

Now IS the time to start dreaming again.

Train ~ Drops of Jupiter


alejandro guzman said...

How do we know that life is but a dream within the act of sleeping? hehe just asking.

Very true though Dream Big!!!


Mary Hudak-Collins livingthescripture.com said...

Lisa, I used to dream all the time...and remember them too! But now it seems that I don't dream but every so often, and then usually don't remember much detail. I miss having dreams especially when they seemed so real and I could recall everything that happened in them. Sometimes, they would make perfect sense to me, others they would not.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Alejandro, HAHA! I have asked myself that same question. I do think dreams/reality co-exist and we need to pay closer attention to our dream life!!! ;)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Hi Mary, I have found that since I started journaling my dreams, God started revealing more to me. Pay attention to colors, numbers, and animals... to start off with because they are easier to remember.

Dreams are like pieces to a puzzle, so if we don't write them down we will lose pieces to complete the puzzle.

If you have a chance, read my blog called "Hatching Eggs."

I will write more later on techniques to help us DREAM better! hehe

Thank you for reading and commenting! ;)

Anonymous said...