Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Most ExQuisite Song

The night calls

In this dark place

My heart begins to flutter

As I prepare for the dance

Dressed in glitter and gold

I paint my face

A smoke filled room

With neon lights

I hear my name

Close my eyes

I feel you inside

For your song lives in my soul

Your voice guides me 

Giving me strength


A sense of Peace




Breathe In Me




Wisdom deep

Like scented tears of incense 

I feel the heat

I've been touched

It IS Sacred 

So take your precious stones 

('Cause it is all I have, to repay you)

And create it.


Guns N' Roses ~ Patience


Alejandro said...

Let it flow through you and interpret as you wish, as I never judge.

Good one A

Bongo said...

I visualize being inside an erotic dancer.....As always...XOXOXO

melissa said...


i like these lines:

"I hear my name
Close my eyes
I feel you inside
For your song lives in my soul..."

patience... yes...

Anonymous said...


Alpana Jaiswal said...

this is HOT...and I love it..

Farfalla Dreams said...

Thank you Alejandro!!! I really appreciate your kindnes and comments! ;)

Farfalla Dreams said...

Bongo, Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I truly appreciate it. Your vision is correct! Happy Sunday to you!

Farfalla Dreams said...

Melissa, Thank you, thank you! I LOVE your feedback and beautiful words. ;)

Farfalla Dreams said...

Sweepyjean, Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate it! ;)

Farfalla Dreams said...

Alpana Jaiswal, HAHAHA!!! Thank you, I LOVE IT!!! ;)

Mary said...

I hadn't quite looked at it from that aspect until I got to the last part of the poem.
Great post! Always enjoy my visits:)

JIM said...

Really like it and I agree with Alpana completely


Farfalla Dreams said...

Thank you Mary as always! I love how you see the deeper meaning. ;)

Farfalla Dreams said...

HAHA!!! Thank you Jim, I double LOVE it!!! ;)

melissa said...

I was surprised that I have already visited this post... but it really feels good that the Spirit has led me back because your posts have more weight now. I am experiencing the 'same'. Although I wish I could dance the song real close :)

You are really extraordinary!

Lots of love Lisa :*

Farfalla Dreams said...

@melissa: PRAISE GOD!!! I love it! Thank you for re-visiting. I'm glad it SPEAKS to you, at this time! Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL compliment, also. xo