Saturday, November 8, 2014

Powder Blue

"a bird touches your soul unlike any other"... x

My sweet Powder Blue
I will forever miss you
you brought paradise into my life
for a brief moment in time
your emerald eyes
sparkled through my soul
and touched a part of me, unknown
clothed in purple wings
like royal robes from heaven
you humbled me
and brought me closer to the throne
I will miss your songs in the morning
your chatter in the evenings
your big personality
and childlike innocence
now silence fills these walls
and my soul is cast down
as my eyes ring the blues
and my heart slowly bleeds
I'm left here to grieve
a loss I can't explain
that destroyed a piece of me
O my precious baby Powder
I am so sorry
I wasn't there
to protect you
suffocating in sadness
I will never hear you say
"I love you"
for now you are in heaven
a messenger in my dreams
revealing His majesty
and comforting me as I sleep
I can't wait to hold you again
I must believe
but until then
I have your little brother
his name is 'Shadow Blue'
in honor of you
a gentle spirit
he loves to praise and worship
the King
I am sure you can hear him sing
making beautiful music
in memory of you

Goodbye, my sweet Powder Blue
I will forever love you.

"in the night His song shall be with me" ~King David

Tesla ~ Paradise

"My sweet paradise
you are the reason why
it tears me up inside
and I break down and cry
didn't wanna say
goodbye paradise"


Unknown said...

Aww, Lisa, this is so beautiful. I'm sorry that you lost your birdie.


Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Harmony Courtney: Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it.

bennjamin said...

Some animals are close to us in terms of empathic experience, especially among the mammals and avian species (the latter in this case). I know I will feel like this when my cat dies so I may save your post for that reason alone already.

Emotions in people are pretty different up to some point. Some people are less affected by seeing hurt or death in others, while others find it even hard to see it happen in our pets or in any animal we feel we can relate to quite easily. You, like me and many others, are clearly a high empathy person - I bet when you see a bird along the roadside which was hit by a car and still alive, you too have a hard time not to stop and go care for it.

At the same time it may strike us that we often may not fully realize how much we were involved emotionally, until the moment we are "at a loss" - literally. I hope you can manage to handle this properly, internally. What we feel reveals certainly something about who we are and what we are supposed to be. The reason for death is one we cannot fully grasp I think - I just know life seems to make sense only because of death - at least for now (we would never appreciate life the way we did if we wouldn't know about death). When someone dies, there are certain things we may believe - but there is in any case an interesting (Buddhist?) idea there that someone who dies gives up individuality, and turns back to the communality of the "all", the cyclus or circuit of life to which we all belong - including Powder Blue.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

So touchingly beautiful, Lisa. Losing a pet is never easy; I pray God's comfort and peace surrounds you, my dear.