Saturday, January 23, 2016

Poisoned Sleep

"you made the wine now you drink the cup" ~E.L.O.

Who's pulling the strings
you're no longer in control
the head of the household
she somehow stole
I was once oblivious
to what's so painfully obvious
now I see
right through her facade
she no longer
recognizes her place
once standing behind you
now she's in front of you
robbing you blind
planting misleading seeds
using you
for her families gain
crumbling your fortune and fame
a master at manipulation
potions and poisons
of a wicked woman's love

he's a puppet
on a string
a puppet
fulfilling her dreams

Oh, but she's so shallow
if you listen close enough
you can hear her rattle
her lips drip with honey
while blood drips from her hands
an empty grave
as she hands him the cup
and he takes another sip
she'll crush his crown
with her heel
as she steps upon his head
to reach the throne

he's a puppet
on a string
a puppet
fulfilling her dreams

Oh, mommy dearest
a charade
for the whole world to see
on bended knee
they praise her
because she's closest to the throne
but they don't realize
that she's robbed him
of a family of his own
she poisoned his character
for her own selfish gain
she's a harlot for the spotlight
she has no shame

"Better to dwell in a corner of a housetop, than in a house
shared with a contentious woman." ~King Solomon

Electric Light Orchestra ~ Evil Woman

"but a fool and his money
soon go separate ways
and you found a fool
lyin' in a daze
ha, ha, woman
what you gonna do
you destroyed all the virtues
that the Lord gave you"


Anonymous said...

stands up and claps!

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Anonymous said...

No truer words were ever written.

Tom said...

Great imagery and writing.