Monday, February 14, 2011

San Valentino

"If you find my beloved, tell him that I am lovesick!"


Love Song

Moonlight and Roses


A Poem

Dinner by Candlelight


Chocolate and Raspberries

Take my Hand

 Slow Dance

Under the Velvet Sky

Diamond Eyes

Silk and Lace

A Soft Kiss

May this Last

A Lifetime

amore per sempre

"Who is this coming out of the wilderness, like pillars of smoke?"

St. Valentine, 
Where are you?
Has anyone seen my St. Valentine?
Why is his chariot so long in coming?

San Valentino,
dove sei?
qualcuno ha visto il mio San Valentino?
Why is his chariot so long in coming?

 "Do not stir up nor awaken love... Until it pleases."

There are many people today that are feeling the STING of the other "L" word...  Loneliness.

Please take some time to send them a quick message and let them know, that they are LOVED.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ti Amo!

Bon Jovi ~ Bed of Roses

"I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses
For tonight, I'll sleep on a bed of nails
Oh, I wanna be, just as close as
Your Holy Ghost is
Lay you down
On a Bed of Roses"


jenny said...

Lovely words and pictures.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Thank you for the compliment!!! ;)

Stacey Ramos said...

The pictures are gorgeous. Very true so many people without loved ones feel more lonely on VD. I really liked this and the song is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing it. Please someone send me some chocolate! ha

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Wonderful words and photos!
Yes, there can be so much loneliness on Valentine's - you gave us all a sweet reminder about letting others know how much they are loved.
My post tomorrow touche on that very same topic.

Melissa Tandoc said...

E' bellissima...vera romantica :)

Mi e' piaciuta tantissimo Lisa. The Song of Songs is a song of the heart. I liked the simplicity o your poem.It has touched me in many many ways.

The captions in your images are brilliant :) and the other "L" word is a reality ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lisa, I love the references to the Song of Songs. Very endearing and from the heart. The photo's are amazing. This is a great reminder that not everyone has someone to spend that special day with. I love Bed of roses too, great lyrics. Nicely done. Bravo! Carolyn

JIM said...

Great imagery with pictures and words. Looking forward to Valentine's Day. Hope you have a romantic Day!!

Anonymous said...

very sensual

Unknown said...

Bellissima, Bella. Girl, this is just wonderful. Much love... and hope you have a wonderful 14th and every day!

Dangerous Linda said...

i love your suggestion at the end of this post to reach out to someone who might be feeling the sting of loneliness at this time of year and i shall take your advice -- thank you!

JANU said...

Not just the Valentine's but, there are people around the world who need love...who does not even know what love means....nice write up.

The Poet said...

Thought-provoking post.
your photos are awesome!
Thanks for sharing.

Love Has Seeped Into My Heart

Rachel Hoyt said...

I feel the love you have sent me and am sending more back your way. It may turn into a big cyclone if love if we aren't careful... XO

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Stacey Ramos HAHA! Yes, chocolate PLEASE!!! ;) Thank you for the SWEET comment!

@Martha J. M. Orlando Thank you so much for your input! Looking forward to reading your post! ;)

@Melissa Grazie tanto BELLA!!! Yes, the "Song of Songs" IS a song of the HEAR*T! I am glad you were touched by this! Thank you ALWAYS, for your comments and sharing my blog with others!

@Carolyn Thank you for the SWEET compliment and comment. Yes, the lyrics are BEAUTIFUL!!!

@Jim Thank you SO much! Hope you have a Romantic Valentine's Day, as well.

@Anonymous *blush ;) Thank you!

@Harmony Courtney Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL compliment! May your day be filled with L*O*V*E!!!

@Dangerous Linda SWEET... Thank you so much for taking my advice! I truly appreciate it!!! ;)

@Janu YES, very true indeed! Thank you!

@Andy Thank you! Glad you liked it!

@Rachel Hoyt HAHA!!! That sounds GOOD to me! hehe Thank you, ALWAYS!

photos by jan said...

Beautiful imagery and words.

Rimly said...

What a thoughtful post on the eve of Valentine Lisa. I am sure a whole lot of us will appreciate this. Thank you

Jessica M said...

A beautifully put together post. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day. :)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Jan Thank you! ;)

@Rimly Awe, I hope so!!! Thank you and Happy Day of LOVE to you!!!

@Jessica M Thank you Jessica... Happy Valentine's Day to you, also.