Monday, October 31, 2011


"But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game"... The Rolling Stones

I had a date with the devil
Exciting, I must admit
He is quite charming
I was fooled by his flirtatious ways

Temptation so intense
Gratification for a season
Admiration he will give
For a time and a reason

This date lasted for years
Enticed by his eyes
Hypnotized in the garden
As I spiraled into a horrific pit

He twisted my thoughts
Confused my mind
Tied me up
Captured my heart

Quite crafty, I'd say
Smooth is his tongue
Sweet like honey
Dripping with bitterness and lies

Sorrow upon sorrow
A cloud I couldn't escape
His shadow surrounded me
As I became enslaved

Planting evil seeds
Crippling my walk
If I continued to entertain him
He would seal my fate

Eve made the same mistake
Conversing with the FLYing serpent
In what he wants you to believe

Sentenced to life
I paid the price for love
Found the KEY
And planned my escape

"i'll come get you when you're ready, cross my heart"... x

I shut him down
Closed him out
Reversed the curse
I finally figured him out

You want to desolate my future
Sly motive, so you think?
Go ahead, spit in my face
It's really Jesus, you SEE

My voice shall overpower you
As I speak truth and life, in His name
No more guilt, no more shame
Double honor and majesty, I shall gain

Face the MUSIC
Your EMPTY words can't hold me
I'm no longer confined to a cage
Through your jealousy and rage

You're FASCINATED with butterflies
Respect and glory you crave
I've got your number, I know your game
I didn't deserve you and you NEVER deserved me

You're a counterfeit
Clever maybe but not the KING!
You're just a mask disguised as a lover
On the face of a Pharaoh

Listen... can you hear the SOUND?
Oh, how you'd love to stop it
Now you're the one who's petrified
Does it STING to lose control?

Excuse me, Lucifer
I didn't hear you
Did you feel the atmosphere shift?
Get out of my way...

The song is DESTINY
Don't forget to SAVE the date
Seven / Seventeen
Do you know my NAME?

"there's no doubt in my mind,
whatever you have to do,
just take care of it, before I return"... x

The Rolling Stones ~ Sympathy for the devil

"O Lucifer, son of the morning!

How you are cut down to the ground."


The Poet said...

Visiting from Blogplicity.

WoW! Some vivid imagery here!
Glad you saw through the lies & deceit. Thankfully, there are still some good men left who will come to you with open arms & a heart of honesty.

Nicely done!
Thanks for sharing.

Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of dawn

Anonymous said...

The devil lives in each of us... what makes it alive only the heart knows...
Take Care

Rimly said...

Great to have you back Lisa. Loved your post. Yes the devil can be one charmer.

Mary Hudak-Collins said...

Wow Lisa! This was a great post. Really enjoyed it :)

bennjamin said...

Dating with 'lucifer' the beautiful... is it like enchanting eyes, charming face, but missing the empathy, compassion, and understanding?

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Andy AMEN to that!!! Thanks for your comment and encouragement! ;)

@Sparklemezen Thank you for reading and commenting! Whatever we feed will grow and whatever we starve will die... In our HEART!

@Rimly Yes he can... fooled again! haha Thank you so much! Glad you LOVED it!

@Mary Thanks for the SWEET comment!

@jcm manuel EXACTLY!!! You know...

Melissa Tandoc said...

It rings a bell Lisa. Oftentimes, I admit that I entertain such thoughts of dating the stumbling block. Filled with lies and deception, yes, his words are coated with honey.

I like the line, "You're just a mask, disguised as a lover
On the face of a Pharaoh" ~ if I go on with him, I know I'll be enslaved by him.

Yes, save the date ~ seven. Very symbolic...

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Melissa Very true and it's easy to be fooled. Glad you like my line about the Pharaoh... It's one of my favorites too!!! Thank you for reading and commenting! SEVEN is the Number of PERFECTION!!! ;)