Saturday, April 26, 2014

Your Lullaby

Baby, what do you see?

Dream baby Dream
as far as your eyes can see
Did you know
that you were born
the son of a King?

Dream baby Dream
kneel before you sleep
Wrap yourself in all His love
and don't forget
to thank the Lord above

Dream baby Dream
lift your voice and sing
Use your talent
to bless the rest
and do your very best

Remember this always
Don't be afraid
to follow his lead
release the songs you're creating
'cause music is everything

Baby, don't be sad...
For you are NOT the forgotten son
You are the beautiful one
The gifted one
For you are the APPOINTED one

O my baby dove
Do you know
you're a precious soul
and how much
I love you so?

So, Dream baby Dream
As far as your eyes can see
Don't ever give up
'cause you are never too big
to Dream baby Dream

Do not fret my son,
for your time shall surely come.

Elton John ~ Your Song

"I know it's not much
but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song
and this one's for you."


Eléa said...

Once again, it's beautiful... magnifique!

Anonymous said...



bennjamin said...

You have this thing with the red-haired boy. I know where this comes from (both biblically and in the Rock star world) - there is something endearing about it.

I once had a great interest in Axl Rose and his band - you know the history, it is in a group of Axl Rose fans that I discovered you too, as a friend, on Myspace. I was blown away, not so much by how he looks (or how he looked, as a young man) but by his spirit, and his songs. And then there was this friend who became a soulmate of mine, for a while. Okay you know that story, no need to recall the whole tragedy - a mistake, no forgiveness, my relapse into atheism, protecting myself from an unforgiving Christian god. It is all a thing of the past now.

But I do regret that I've done away with my GnR albums (I couldn't handle the painful memories - but I do hate these emotional reactions). I still have the Chinese Democracy album though - it's like a more philosophical album to me (typically for me to keep that one I think). There is a song on it, "Better", which has this phrase (out of many others that I can so feel run down deep inside of me) - it says:

"This melody inside of me
Still searches for solution"

I was reminded of it when I was reading your lines:

"release the songs you're creating
'cause music is everything".

It is so undeniably true, music is a language, it has its own way to reach the heart, speak to us deep inside, either softly or very loud sometimes. Songs may remind us our pains, but even so, they may still encourage us to go on and find what we are looking for.

Artists are usually well aware when they make a song they are reaching out to a potential huge audience of human beings, who may all feel the power of a good song. Creating songs is a public service, it can be a calling and a mission too.

Besides, this is a great line too in your poem - at the beginning and at the end:

"Dream baby Dream
As far as your eyes can see"

I love landscapes for this reason. I love sunbeams shining through the clouds, falling down upon the land's shapes. The world has this thing, nature, which is sometimes like a song.

This is such a positive poem, it breathes life.

This is farfallaland life again, isn't it? ;)

Anonymous said...

The innocence and simpleness of the lullaby and the song for Sir Elton John is what makes the poetic so captivating. If we give back what we've been given then people will relate. I heard his R.K.O.C. demos last year and found them to be outstanding. Believing in oneself is the beginning. Great write.

Peace, Maciej

Anonymous said...

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