Sunday, March 20, 2016


"Just let it go and bury it."

I can't hold on
I'm slipping
further and further away
I don't recognize your face
like a ghost of the past
you frighten me
skeletons passing in the hall
strangers under one roof
fading memories
far in the distance
so thick is the tension
in this smoke filled room
I'm grasping at the wind
I'm gasping for air
you try to destroy the affection
embedded in my heart
how do I stop us from slipping
if your will is to let go?
you have a death wish
or is it me that's dying?
a slow poison
inserted with every word you speak
questions racing through my mind
your answer was to vanish
in the middle of the night
slipping out the front door
as I catch the chill
from the cold misty air
a shadow of what once was
memories of a time
when love was so kind
I lay here in silence
upon a soaked filled pillow
somehow our sanctuary
became a cemetery
and you're no longer here
in my dreams
I see you
next to me
I can't escape the nightmare
it's reality
the darkness never fades
as I awake alone
only to mourn
the loss once more
I fight the thoughts
I try to stop the sting
I think they lied when they said,
"Time heals the pain."
I think they lied when they said,
"You will love again."
I cry out to Jesus
catch me, catch me as I fall
I'm slipping, slipping
further into the abyss I fall
I bury my heart
cover the brokenness
and suddenly you reappear
only to return
for your boots and guitars
pulling on my strings
once again
placing fresh flowers upon my grave
breathing life into these dead bones
and here we go
slipping back
year after year
somehow enduring the sorrow
extending mercy to each other
we dug ourselves out of a grave
hand in hand
covering our shame
with a brokenhearted tattoo
we planted a friendship
watered the other with grace
a bond that will never break
we carry the scars
helping each other
through it all
finding solace in one another
we never made it together
the story replays
over and over
within your songs
we can't rewind
the sparkle in our eyes
one filled with love
the other scarred with pain
accepting our own blame
we lay our head upon the Rock
asking for forgiveness
in our resting place
next to each other
in peace

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds" ~King David

Gary Allan ~ Smoke Rings in the dark

"and all I'm takin' with me
are the pieces of my heart"


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Cheryl said...

I can feel the heartache thru ur poetry. Sadly some things aren't meant to be but glad u could stay friends. Naturally life goes on. God's blessings to u dear child.

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