Tuesday, January 17, 2017


"don't feed me your bullshit right now, i don't wanna hear it." ~x

You are like the tree
in the Garden of Eden
good and evil interwined
wandering through your beauty
intrigued by your words
love and fear combined
you have said
I can eat all of the fruit
in the garden
except for the tree
except for you
I gravitate towards you
I long to be with you
I want to sit beneath you
I want to be nourished by your fruit
but I am forbidden
you are like the tree
in the Garden of Eden
my weakness
my shortcoming
my failure
my truth

x had just returned home from a 5 day trip to New York and we were laying on the couch doing some online Christmas shopping.  After asking him if he wanted me to order a few Christmas gifts and not getting a response, I sat up, put the computer down and asked him what was on his mind?  "I was just thinking," he said.  About what? I said.

Adam and Eve.

What, where did that come from?  What about them?

they were given everything and lived in paradise but it still wasn't enough.

Well, that's why they were kicked out of the garden.  It wasn't enough to walk with God, they wanted to be like God.

so what if I have to kick people out?  what if it's never enough for them? what if they were dishonest or disloyal?  what if they used me?

Listen, I know you're hurt but don't beat yourself up over the decisions you have to make or have had to make in the past.  Let me ask you this... Do you think Adam and Eve regretted eating the apple?  Do you think they wished they could have changed what they had done?

yeah, of course.  we all have regrets.

Yes, and we all make mistakes and sometimes the mistakes cost us more than we could ever imagine.  But don't you think it hurt God when he had to kick them out of the garden?  Don't you think He was sad when they left?  Don't you think He would have rather had them stay?  Look... you're not always going to be happy about the decisions you have to make.  Just because you have to kick people out, doesn't mean you love them any less or you're not going to miss them.

i hear you.  hey, do you remember where we were on New Years Eve in 2007.

Yes, how could I forget.  I still have the prophecy written in my journal.

where did all the time go?  i want to feel that power again, i want others to experience it.

Well, then you know what you have to do.  You are the anointed vessel, it has to come out of you.  It doesn't matter how much color is surrounding you, it's the light that shines through you that matters.

like a stained glass window, he chuckled.

Yes, exactly!  haha

"Let your light so shine before men..." ~Jesus

I have always said, "in the end, the only person that will regret not using the gifts God gave them... is you."  That goes for all of us.

you know what, sweetheart?  you're like the tree in the Garden of Eden.

Which part?  Good or evil?  I said, jokingly.

But I never expected his beautiful response.

the tree of life.

you've always been able to breathe life into my pain and shine light through my darkness...

you've always stirred me back to God and what's important in life.  and you've always stood by my decisions (whether good or bad), although i had to hear about it when you disagreed.  he said, as he winked at me.

I was in awe of his words as I responded softly...

Yes, because I honor and respect you. I'm really glad you took the time you had off, to spend some time alone and listen to God.

it's strange, it doesn't matter how much time we spend apart, i've always felt so connected to you.  i hear your words echo in my head.  you know this Anthem inside of me keeps getting louder and louder.  i can feel it beating in my chest.

Then hark the angels and release the sound inside of you.  Let the world see you shine.  Allow them to feel the power and experience it.  Heed the words of the Prophet and receive the Prophet's reward.

For it IS the promise of 2017.

"She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her..." ~King Solomon

Elton John ~ Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

"but these cuts I have
they need love
to help them heal"

hope deferred makes the heart sick but when desire comes it is a tree of life


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Beautiful and inspiring for a new year.

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"They were given everything and lived in paradise but it still wasn't enough" wow powerful statement and such as the world we live in today. Nice blog.


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