Friday, November 9, 2018


"when are you gonna quit tolerating it?" ~ x

It was a gorgeous fall day when many people came out to hear the music and listen to my Pastor preach.  I loved seeing everyone worshiping The King. It was such a diverse crowd, from old people to the youth and everyone in between.  The Holy Spirit was flowing and the music was spirit filled.  My Pastor came up to me with a big smile on his face and said "I'm stoked that so many people showed up, I've never seen a revival break out like this before." "Me either, it's amazing," I responded.

After my Pastor spoke the crowds began to disperse.  I started to clean up.  By the time I was finished a mild fog had rolled in and the air became misty and cold.  I looked out into the field and noticed a woman sitting in the distance with long dark hair.  I then saw a man walk up to her, bend down and whisper something in her ear, as he glared over at me.  The woman turned around and glanced over her shoulder to look at me.  I recognized who the man was, as he was walking away.

I started walking briskly towards the woman.  Once I got closer it appeared as if she was digging in the dirt or burying something?  She didn't notice me at first until I started speaking.  "What did he say?" I said, in a stern voice.  Her eyes were completely glossed over as she looked up at me and said, "He said that we're going to kill you."

I immediately rebuked her, "Well, you can't kill me unless God gives you permission to kill me."  She smiled, put her head down and said, "Not now, but during the summer months."  I yelled back at her, "Like I said, he can't kill me unless God gives him permission to kill me and if God gives him permission, then I guess I'll get to heaven sooner.  I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ."

She never looked up or responded back to me and it was as if she was frozen in time.

I started running back through the field and ran up to my sisters screaming, "Where's Seth, where's Seth?"  They told me to calm down and asked me what was wrong.  I began to tell them about the woman in the field, as I was frantically trying to call x.  My sisters were telling me that there wasn't  any woman sitting in the field.  I grabbed them by their arms as I was pleading with them to believe me.  Once I touched them, I heard the sound of breaking bones.

I awoke from this dream and immediately started praying and casting out the evil spirits.

The Black Crowes ~ She talks to angels

A few days later I was talking to x about my dream and he said,  "Everyone's poppin' pills, drinking and trying to escape the pain.  Maybe you should tell them how to get set free?"

He then shared a poem he wrote.  I am paraphrasing the poem because I don't want to put his complete poem out there.

I once felt trapped by a butterfly
so I clipped her wings
put her in a cage
n' there she stayed
all the days of her life. 
Never to be free or able to fly
as the days fluttered on by
I studied her every move
how could she be caged
yet so at peace and free
Today, I'm still fascinated by her wings

"you're not going anywhere." ~ x

I thought about what x said and his poem about the butterfly.  So many people seem like they are caged and can't break free from whatever addiction or sin they are struggling with.  People believe that what they are carrying is a disease or it's been passed down from generation to generation.  It seems as if they accept it as who they are.  It's just a part of them and so they find different ways to deal with the pain.

When I wrote my previous blog 'The Invitation,' I received several questions about how to pray to get rid of evil spirits and how to be free from sin.  I believe one of the reasons people are so angry, hateful and being tormented today, is because they're in bondage to sin.  Many people are stuck and don't know what to do to be set free.  They are fighting addictions and sin on their own without the One that can help them break free.

One spirit that I notice that is more prevalent today is the Jezebel spirit.  The world calls it narcissism.

The Jezebel spirit is not gender biased, this spirit can operate in a man or woman.  This spirit wants you to defile yourself through sexual immorality.

There are six characteristics of a Jezebel spirit.  Insecurity, rejection, pride, arrogance, manipulation and control.  This spirit operates in manipulation, intimidation. deception, lying and fear.

There are four effects of this spirit that is projected onto others, which is fear, isolation, exhaustion, and depression.  Thoughts of depression, suicide, sexual impurity, thoughts of quitting or resigning are also symptoms of a Jezebel spirit.  The people that operate in this, manipulate mainly through guilt.  The goal of this spirit is to disqualify you for ministry and your destiny.

Most people that operate in the Jezebel spirit were rejected by their father and have a dominant mother.  And most people are afraid to confront a Jezebel spirit or a narcissist because they fear the reaction they will get back.  But the Jezebel spirit only has power if you tolerate it.

There are many spirits that people are being tormented by.  We need to break these evil spirits from our lives.

We all need freedom and we all need to be set free.  It's time for the drifters and prodigals to come home to Jesus.

"you need to die to this thing." ~x

I found this prayer by Pastor Robert Morris and I think he covers everything you may be struggling with or tormented by.


Father, I ask you to forgive me for all of my sin and I ask you to release me from every bondage, in Jesus name.

Lord, right now by the authority You've given me, I take authority over Satan and I address every demonic spirit that's held me in bondage, in Jesus name and I command it to go, in Jesus name.

In Jesus name it is not the authority of my voice, it's the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am covered by the blood of the Lamb, I'm overcome by the word of my testimony.  I'm born again not of corruptible seed but incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever and the angels are mighty in strength watch over Your word to perform it.  The word of God is living and active and sharper than any two edged sword, it's sweeter than honey and purer than gold and His name is the word of God and by the word of God and by the blood of the Lamb we are set free today.

I take authority over every spirit of bitterness or unforgiveness or resentment or hate or malice or envy or jealousy and I command you to go right now in Jesus name.

I rebuke every spirit of insecurity of inferiority, fear, rejection, self hate, self pity, self destruction, in Jesus name.

Suicide, I command you to go right now, in Jesus name.

Every spirit of anger, or rage, or murder, or violence, or lawlessness, I command you to go, in Jesus name.

Every spirit of sexual immorality, sexual impurity, adultery, fornication, lust, pornography, all forms of sexual impurity, I command you to go right now, in Jesus name.

Every spirit of pride or lying or the Jezebel spirit, rebellion, deception, manipulation, control, I command you to go, in Jesus name.

Every spirit of criticism, judgmentalism, arrogance, prejudice, or racism, I command you to go, in Jesus name.

Every spirit of greed, materialism, selfishness, covetousness, selfish ambition, I command you to go.

Addiction. alcoholism, drunkeness, drugs, gluttony, I command you to go, in Jesus name.

Every spirit of legalism or religious pride or heresy, or false doctrine, I command you to go, in Jesus name.

Every spirit of stealing of slothfulness or laziness, unbelief, rebellion to authorities, go in Jesus name.

Every spirit of guilt, shame, embarrassment, humiliation, I command you to go in Jesus name.

Every spirit of sickness or disease, infirmities, chronic health issues, I say go in Jesus name.

Every spirit of witchcraft, the occult or blasphemy, I command you to go in Jesus name.

I break every word, curse and spell spoken into me, in Jesus name.

Every generational curse, I command you to go right now in Jesus name.

Every demonic spirit that has held me in bondage, I command you to go right now in Jesus name.

Lord, I receive the Holy Spirit and will You fill me with the Holy Spirit in every place the evil spirits left, in Jesus name, Amen.

"The bright lights and late nights
the devil took me on a midnight ride
left me out in the desert on my own"

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