Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jukebox Passion

"what you possess, there is a lack thereof"... x

His voice shot sound waves through my body, as x spoke these words to me. I can't explain it, but it was like there was a reversal of sound.  Almost as if the phone was inside of me and his voice was coming out.  I think texting and email has destroyed the sensation that is stimulated in all of us, from hearing such vibrations.

As we hung up the phone, I thought to myself... What could I possibly possess that the world is lacking?

I went outside to watch the sunset and the sky looked red, it was beautiful. I think we are so used to seeing a blue sky, that when we actually see another color, it CAPTIVATES us.  I then began to ask God, what He thought the world is lacking?

That night as I slept, I had a dream...

I saw an old run down bar with a Jukebox playing.  The people in the bar were just sitting there motionless as the song 'Passion' (by Rod Stewart), was playing over and over.

When I awoke, I didn't understand the dream.  I LOVE Rod Stewart and I have always felt his PASSION through his music, but I had completely forgotten about this song.

Whenever there is a "THEME SONG" in my dream, I will always look up the lyrics, to find the hidden message, within the song.

As I started reading the lyrics, I felt electricity run through my body.  It was like someone had just deposited something inside of me, or plugged me in.

I was STUNNED...

Somebody somewhere
In the heat of the night
Looking pretty dangerous
Running out of patience

Tonight in the city
You won't find any pity
Hearts are being twisted
Another lover cheated, cheated

In the bars and the cafes... Passion
In the streets and the alleys... Passion
A lot of PRETENDING... Passion
Everybody's SEARCHING... Passion

Once in love you're never out of danger
One hot night spent with a stranger
All you wanted was somebody to hold onto

New York, Moscow... Passion
Hong Kong, Tokyo... Passion
Paris and Bangkok... Passion
A lot of people ain't got... Passion

Here it in the radio... Passion
Read it in the paper... Passion
Hear it in the churches... Passion
See it in the school yards... Passion

Once in love you're never out of danger
One hot night spend with a stranger
All you wanted was somebody to hold onto

Alone in your bed at night... Passion
It's a half past midnight... Passion
As you turn out your sidelight... Passion
Ooh something ain't right... Passion

There's NO Passion
There's NO Passion
There's NO Passion

I need Passion
You need Passion
We NEED Passion
Can't live without Passion
Won't live without Passion
Can't live without Passion

Even the President needs, Passion
Everybody I know needs some, Passion
Some people die and kill for, Passion
Nobody ADMITS they need, Passion
Some people are SCARED, Passion

Never, never, never get enough of your Passion... Yeah Passion
Must have more, more, more Passion... Yeah Passion
I'll do anything, anything for Passion... Yeah Passion

You want it that way, sound it out LOUD... Passion
Don't mess around, just CALL out Passion
You know, I know, we need Passion
Never, never, never leave without Passion
Never get enough, never get enough of you Passion

Can't live without Passion
Think about it... Passion
THINK about it... PASSION

"you're like a tuner for the world"... x

Suddenly it all began to make sense...

The world is out of tune and everyone is SEARCHING for the signal.  It's like we've lost the frequency and we can't hear it.

Think about a jukebox for a minute... You put a coin in it and you pick your own tune.  Whatever song you choose to play, changes the entire ATMOSPHERE of the room.

Like a jukebox, we too have our own personal VIBRATION that we carry inside of us.  Our own unique sound that others feel or sense when they're around us, or when we walk into a room.

I started to think about x's vibration...

His VOICE and his presence, IS like a fine tuned instrument.  The atmosphere changes, as soon as he enters a room or walks on stage.  All the attention is turned towards him and what he chooses to play on his jukebox.  He has control over what sound, he wants to release to the crowd.

The hearts in the crowd are heated by his PASSION and his vibration penetrates their souls.  He captivates them and in return, they produce a surge of energy that vibrates back to him.  This causes the FIRE inside of him, to ignite.  This fire is needed, in order for him to continue to play and to keep creating music. 

Today people seem to be cold and have no emotion at all.  Just like the run down bar in my dream, people feel run down and tired.  Whatever we are depositing in us, is not feeding our SOUL and what is coming out of us, is a reflection of that.  It is REDUNDANT and therefore people are motionless.

Without PASSION moving in us, we end up losing compassion for others and our passion to create.

Our hearts have become twisted.  It's like we are saying, "We know the sky is blue, so why should we bother looking at it?"  We are passionless, because we have removed the HEAT from our jukebox.

"Everybody I know needs some Passion" ~Rod Stewart

You SEE, what x is ultimately saying is that, we have lost PASSION...

In our relationships, in our homes, in our schools, in our music, and even in some of our churches.  Everything is out of tune, so we have basically tuned out.  Our jukeboxes have been playing the same song over and over, and we are bored.

We are sitting around, waiting for someone to DEPOSIT something inside of us.  Something that will light us up and put that SPARK back into our eyes and that FIRE in our soul.

Jesus IS the Heat of Passion that is missing.  We don't need anymore carbon copies, we need the ORIGINAL.

A Creator LOVES to create, whether it be NEW music, art, or technology. Don't allow dread to set in, and think that you've already seen it all and you've heard it all.  We cannot cross lines or crisscross without thee CROSS. 

Something IS about to be deposited into the ATMOSPHERE, that will change the SOUND of the world!

..."of passions that won't die in my heart"  ~Guns N' Roses

What also fascinates me about this conversation, that sparked so much PASSION between x and I (hehe) is that, it was March 3rd.  Numbers like Names, carry a lot of SYMBOLIC meaning...

3 = The Trinity and Complete (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
33 = His Promise and the age Jesus was Crucified
333 = Jesus' VIBRATION and His Resurrection

WOW!!!  His MOVEMENT created vibrations and sound.

I wonder if we all have our own frequency, that is linked to a Number?  If so, I'm sure x's vibration is 717.  ;)

Imagine what our MOVEMENT would create, if we allowed PASSION to move within us?!  

Maybe we need to start calling Passion?  Invite Him back into our homes, schools, music, and into our lives.

"We need Passion, Can't live without Passion."

His phone number is... Jeremiah 33:3

Will you call Him?

The Passion IS Christ

תשוקה עלה

"It crosses genres, it crosses religious lines, you know.
It's music that people can relate to." ~AxL Rose 

Foreigner ~ Jukebox Hero

The vibration of the Triangle's SOUND,
can always be heard clearly ABOVE the orchestra or band.


JIM said...

I can appreciate good writing no matter the message. I hope others will also.
I enjoyed the journey thank you


Rachel Hoyt said...

You are a great writer! I completely agree that people have lost their true passion for life. Everything seems motivated by the almighty dollar and things these days. People still can't understand that (1) acquiring "things" is not a passion and (2) no matter how much you have, you will never feel it is enough.

Rhyme Me a Smile

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Thank you Jim for taking the time to read and for your kindness. It is truly appreciated. ;)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Rachel, AMEN!!! Very true indeed. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

And thank you for the BEAUTIFUL compliment. It is much appreciated! ;)

Rimly said...

First of all I love Rod Stewart and this song is a great one. You are right without passion we are all dead inside. And yes i believe we all have different vibrations. We react to people in different ways because of our vibrations. Enjoyed reading it. BTW I love Rod Stewart's "The first cut is the deepest"
Do come and visit my blog

TommyB said...

Hi Lisa Marie you have fine tuned your writing and turned it into an instrument. There is a mystery in the way you write that keeps my attention, which isn't easy to do.:)

I get the feelin thru your writing that Axl Rose is going to bring the passion that was lost in music back. Both of my sons play guitar but they only listen to what I grew up on in the 70s, 80s. They like Chinese Democracy to but this music needs to be mainstreem not lady gaga. They don't have anything to identify with like Elvis or The Beetles. We can only hope that Axl will breakthru for the sake of rock-n-roll.

Melissa Tandoc said...

wow lisa... i admire the way you bring modern music and your reflections together... they work both ways, don't they?

i find great depth in what you write... and the word passion strikes me...

it reminds me of st. augustine's lines in the confessions... something that i pray everyday...

"SCUOTICI SIGNORE! Infiammaci e rapiscici! Sii fuoco e dolcezza! Impareremo a correre nell'amore. Non sono forse molti a tornare a Te da un abisso di cecita'? Si avvicinano a Te e vengono illuminati da quella Tua luce con la quale si riceve il potere di diventare Tuoi figli..."

Keep that "fire" burning bride of Christ ;)...

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Hi Rimly, What a BEAUTIFUL name, it reminds me of Rimini, Italy. One of my favorite places. ;)

I LOVE that song also. I always say there are two types of singers, One that sings and One that touches your soul, through their sining. Roderick (hehe) is definitely a SOUL Singer!!! ;)

Thank you for your SWEET words and for taking the time to comment.

I'm coming right over to visit your blog! ;)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

TommyB WOW!!! I LOVE THAT!!! What a SWEET compliment.

I LOVE mystery too and I'm happy that I keep your attention! ;)

That is BEAUTIFUL that your sons play guitar. Music is so important for them to be able to express themselves.

Very WISE observation! ;) I agree with you on ALL of the rest of what you said, as well. hehe

Also, I just wrote something called "Are We Mourning Rock and Roll."

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it very much!!!

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Melissa, This is BEAUTIFUL, as always! You have a way with words that stimulate the soul. Thank you for your wonderful comments and for taking the time to read all my blogs!!! ;)

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

Pandora Poikilos Thank you so much for the compliment. I truly appreciate it!!! I am coming right over to take a look. ;)

bennjamin said...

I have never been raised with the idea that one can be a Christian and also allow to feel the human passion and realize that that too comes from God (Rod Steward would just have been a 'sinner' within the judgmental kind of Christianity I have been brought up with). I'm still a Christian but today I am atheistic to 'small gods' like that, as I use to say. If God is God, he must be big. Too big to fit in a dogmatic tin can which is erroneously being perceived as God's space, let alone 'gospel' (good news).

Yet, if God is good news, he may be different - even much better than Rod Steward. BUT... to be better than Rod Steward you need to be at least as good as Rod Steward isn't it? So a God that can't even feel a little bit like Rod's passion cannot be the God we are longing for.

This may all sound like Christianese, but in essense I see it as humanism. Jesus was a great guy (his Christians usually were not, it's clear). I've been through a lot of hurt in my life, and the latest hurt is a Christian soulmate who could not forgive me. Without forgiveness, I feel I miss the basis for whatever God may be. And if someone would ask me what's more important for a human being, passion or compassion (or forgiveness), I really would not know. I've last heard someone saying compassion is at the heart of all forms of love. Maybe it is. But maybe it may also work the other way round (I don't like binary though anyway, so "the other way round" sounds cool to me). Maybe thinking of real passion may make us better at "getting over" something that cannot be solved. I don't know. But this was a great read. Keep being a good farfalla.

Hugs xo

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@jcmmanuel hehe I try to be a good farfalla! ;)

I know a lot of people that have been hurt by Christians and therefore they look at Jesus as the downfall. But even Jesus own disciples and true friends, let Him down and hurt him.

The word "Christian" is overrated and that is why, (as you know) I call myself a "Groupie for JESUS." He IS our example of how we are to treat people and love others. He had compassion and He is the Passion.

Even the Religious leaders hated him for the people he hung out with and because he didn't do things their way.

Sounds like the same thing today with a lot of the Religious leaders and churches.

The message of Jesus IS LOVE! But everyone is distorting and diluting the message.

There is no love, if there is no forgiveness.

You see, Forgiveness is a willingness... someone has to be willing to forgive. Compassion is a desire or feeling of sympathy for others, and Passion is the desire or love, to act on it.

I really think you need all THREE.

There's that MAGIC number again!!! ;)

bennjamin said...

Awwe, thank you Lisa. "There is no love, if there is no forgiveness" is something I have come to understand in time, too.

It went as follows: I've always been a bit 'autistic' to love, sort of. I also didn't understand forgiveness all that time. I used other words to try to get grips on what 'grace' really is. But once I (slowly) started to understand what love is - even just the beginning of it - I understood it first of all as being: forgiveness. You see, I soon understood the sexual aspect of love, but in my mind this had little to do with what my heart - or mind - was longing for. And with regards to the 'romantic' understanding of love, I did not get it really. I sometimes say: I couldn't simply tap love from a barrel - they were not plentiful, it wasn't available every day, as in a normal family (and of course I'm not the only one).

So when I started to understand something about love, it started with seeing an authentic believer (a Christian singer, actually) and I suddenly got the idea: this person is so friendly, and she is Christian. It's like I can see now that God has a friendly face. And at the same time I sort of began to understand what forgiveness means. forgiveness is what you offer if you don't just want to be right (=justice) but if you want to be good. Only love can do this.

So yeah, I think I agree with what you are saying here.

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...


I think we all struggle with what REAL love is. We only have what has been taught to us.

This is one of the reasons that I asked God to show me love for others through His eyes.

I want Him to be my teacher! ;)

Unknown said...

Passion for life is definitely of great importance, and finding one's own TUNE, allowing the Great Tuner of Life to TUNE us, is of equal import. Wonderful post, Lisa Marie... and a great reminder that we all have a NUMERICAL VIBRATION, which is akin to a COLOR VIBRATION... I always see vibration in color before I see in other ways, but each are important. Passion comes from the Father and when we utilize it appropriately, we can do ANYTHING He calls us to... and therefore NOTHING is impossible to those who believe!!

Farfalla Dreams ~ Lisa Marie Farfalla said...

@Harmony Courtney AMEN and AMEN!!! WOW! That is very interesting that you see vibration in COLOR. I love that!!!

Anonymous said...